hot runner system
hot runner system
câmara quente
CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
nhựa phun keo nóng|Hệ thống phun nhựa đuôi keo nóng nhà sản xuất

Chinaplas 2012

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Anole exhibition news-E5L35 CHINAPLAS 18-21 April 2012 CHINAPLAS

Chinaplas 2012
During 18-20 Afril 2012. Anole hot runner system will attend The 26th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries in Shanghai China.
Date:18-21 April 2012
Place:Shanghai New International Expo Centre,PR China.
CHINAPLAS is the second biggest plastic and rubber industry exhibition on the world,Growing up together with China's plastics and rubber industries in the last 30 years, the promotional slogan of CHINAPLAS - "The Growth Engine for your industries" – is to bring out the show mission as continuing to bring plenty of solutions for various user enterprises by showcasing the most innovative and advanced plastics and rubber machinery and raw materials in the coming future.

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