hot runner system
hot runner system
câmara quente
CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
nhựa phun keo nóng|Hệ thống phun nhựa đuôi keo nóng nhà sản xuất

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HRS in China


 HRS (hot runner system) is consist of manifold,heating nozzle and temperature controller. The hot runner manifold can be classified into I-shaped,X-shaped,Y-

shaped,square shaped and so on.

For normal plastic products manufacturer, hot runner system would be an economical choice for mass production.That's because the hot runner system reduce the wasted

material in the cold runner system. Sometimes, the wasted material use the same quantity of material than the production. After calculation, the hot runner system can

save 30%~50% material. Also, hot runner system can avoid some abrasion of the mould, to longer the mould life. Gernerally, the hot runner system mould is twice mould

life of the normal mould.

The components of hot runner system is quite simple, but every part plays important role in the whole system. The heating elements is quite important for a good hot

runner sytem.Anole hot runner system use heating coil from German Hotset and manifold heater from German GC. They are the most durable and stable heating elemets in

German.We use high hardness steel for manifold and Beryllium Copper for nozzle tips. The nozzle has direct gate,pin point gate and valve gate. The temperature

controller has imbedded temperaturer and intelligent temperaturer.

Anole hot runner system can provide you high quality HRS in China.

If you have any inquiry for hot runner system,please do not hesitate to contact me.




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