hot runner system
hot runner system
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Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
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How to assemble manifold?|manifold right assembly step


 How to assemble manifold?|Manifold right assembly step


Hot runner manifold is one of the hot runner system vital parts.
Manifold is transferring the melt plastic to the nozzle.
Hot runner manifold design is as per the natural balance principle.
Manifold is placed between cavity fixed plate and cavity plate.
So, when manifold happen leaking phenomenon, worker can’t notice in the first time.
Manifold leakage always happen between manifold and nozzle or manifold and main gate nozzle.
So, manifold right assembly step is very important.

In order to avoiding manifold leakage,
hot runner suppler should control the assemble precision and assembly sequence.
A manifold right assemble step is very important for a hot runner manufacturer.

Manifold assemble step:
1.Mould engineer put the nozzle in the cavity plate to sure whether nozzle assembly height is same.
This height tolerance is +/-0.01mm.
2.Grinding bearing pad height and keep same height with nozzle when placed in the fixing plate.
tolerance is +/-0.01mm
3.Under manifold without metal o-ring circumstance,
hot runner supplier can trial assemble manifold and check whether the located pin need gap.
4. Fixed pad frame to the cavity plat with bolt
5.Match up all bearing ring
6.Disassemble manifold and place o-ring seal on the nozzle.
7.Fixed the cavity fixing plate
Manifold will expand after heating.
When it arrives 100℃ temperature, it will expand 0.1mm each 100mm.
Manifold will be leaking if plus the incorrect handle.
So, manifold right assembly step is crucial for mould using.

Anole hot runner has a very stronger group to meet our customer requirement.
We use Germany heating elements to manufacture hot runner system.
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Written by:Demi

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