hot runner system
hot runner system
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The development of hot runner system


 Hot runner system can increase production efficiency, save plastic material and reduce cycle time of injection molding. It is widely used in developed countries and more and more popular in developed countries.

The hot runner system is developed and widely used because of the following reasons:

Energy crisis
The rapid development of hot runner is on 1973, when the oil crisis happened. Most plastic molding manufacturer tends to use hot runner system to plastic raw material and reduce the most. The hot runner is the new technology correspond with the demand of high production,low cost and economical.
Higher quality demand of injection products
For plastic injection medical products, the injection mark may scarify the groove and skin of health care staff and get infection. Using valve gate hot runner system can eliminate injection mark. For some high class product just like transparent product, cold runner and recycled material are not permitted, it must use hot runner system reduce the use of plastic raw material.
The special requirement of injection technology
Co-injection means that through reasonable design of mould, the plastic product can reach many colors. Or use two kind of plastic material to make one product. Also, stack molding, and preform mould will need hot runner system.

valve gate HRS


The principle of valve gate hot runner system is that the valve needle can close the injection nozzle and keeping the plastic material in melting condition. There will be no waste material in valve gate hot runner system.

The advantage of valve gate hot runner system:

reduce the tooling cycle time and increase production efficiency
It replaces the cold runner system, no waste material, save a lot of raw plastic material
It increase the consistency of product, no raised place on the injection gate, avoiding the failure on injection mark
It would make products better in appearance
I can reduce the tension of product, reduce the crisp force caused by the out of shape and structure,increasing the ability to produce complicated products and life
Providing more technical support in high precision adjustment
Valve gate hot runner system is suitable for every type of plastic material

Normally,valve gate hot runner system is consist of hot runner manifold,nozzle and temperature controller. The manifold and nozzles are contacting with injection machine. The melting plastic material will flow from injection machine to manifold and then to nozzles. The material in separate branches will be injected into the every cavity through nozzles, which can fully decrease the inner stress of product and improve the quality of products.

If you have any inquiry for valve gate hot runner system,please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Hot runner heating methods


Hot runner system can be classified by heating method:outer heating,inner heating and heat insulation. Outer heating is the widely used. Another classification is by the transfer method of melting plastic.For single tip nozzle, it do not have manifold. It will replace the locating ring and main sprue bush. The single tip nozzle can be direct gate, pin point gate and valve gate nozzle. To use pin point gate nozzle or valve gate nozzle would be better. If using cold runner system, the plastic material which is freezing in the main sprue, will increase the cycle time. And there will be also some indent and bubbles in the rear of the sprue gate. It is suitable for the material that in wide range of melting temperature,just like PE plastic material. For multi point injection .It is widely used for large plastic parts. The scale of flowing travel and wall thickness is very large. In order to reduce the press loss in the period of injection , and avoid increasing the wall thickness. This method can keep good press transfer in pressure holding period.It can simplify the two plate mould and reduce the injection cycle, avoiding waste material and making mould to automotive.

If you have any inquiry for hot runner system,please do not hesitate to contact me.


Shut off valve gate hot runner system



Anole hot runner manufacture offer various valve needle type hot runner, high valve gate hot runner system can realize stable mould running. If you have this requirement, Please contact skype:anole-01 directly.
Valve needle type hot runner working principle is install the hot runner nozzle and manifold on to the injection mould. Use the heating theory, make the plastic keep melting from the injection machine barrel. That will makes the product injection surface same like connect to the injection machine nozzle directly. When demoulding, the shut off pin will close the nozzle gate, to avoid gate vestige and waste material.
Compared with the common using mould, valve needle type hot runner cost is very high, and the hot half thickness, processing all will be rising. Though it will make the system be more complex but use this system can help to produce high quality product and solve the gate marks on the product s problem.
Valve gate hot runner advantage:
1.       save the processing cycle, improve the working efficiency.
2.       Due to replace the cold runner, do not produce runner material, no need to crush, can save a lot of raw materials. 
3.       Improve product consistency, no bump gate marks, completely eliminate the gate salivate, no wiredrawing phenomenon.
4.        Obviously improved the appearance of the product;
5.       Helps to reduce stress, To reduce the product caused by brittle deformation and structure
6.       So as to improve the production ability of complex structure of the product and the service life; 
7.       Not restricted by injection molding material replacement
Sales engineer: Tina

hot runner cavities layout


When is comes to the choose of the hot runner cavities choose, mostly we take the effective of the production in the first issue. What is to say we made the hot runner to made as many as cavities as we can . And also we must take a careful consideration of the banlance of the runner which is the most improtant case when we desigm the hot runner cavities layout
Hot runner cavities layout should be benfit both hot runner effiency and its runner banlance. Such as : when we arragent cavities with different shapes. we would be better put even number cavities together, so that the runner can be banlanced. And for odd number cavities, we should apply the special design in the hot runner to ensure the banlanced. Such design is that use different runner size in different running way. And for very tiny products, people generally want to cavity distance arrangement as close as they can , But minimum cavity distance is limited by the minimum distance between the nozzle size. so we should check the nozzle distance be fore we design the hot runner cavities layout
Anole is a top quality hot runner system maker in china. Any interesed ,please contact me freely

Hot runner system, hot runner cavities layout , chinese hot runner

Written by : Lenny
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Injection pressure loss in hot runner


About the injection pressure loss in hot runner, A lot of mould users hold the idea that hot runner mould loss less proessure than cold runner mould. In fact in the practical usage. the the other side is right. Reasons are as flowings.
Many of the mould users think that the cold runner loss less injection pressure since they know that in hot rinner system , the melting plastic are keeping in the condition of hot in the whole injection process. That is true, but the fact is in most of the runner construction case, the melting distance will be wider to ensure the hot runner flowing construciton can be nice designed. So the injection pressure will be large. That is the injection pressure loss in hot runner system. In application of the hot runner. we should care much on the injection pressure. In production the plastic with low flowing feature such as: PC,POM , need apply long flowing distance hot runner , have high weight products... It is better for us to use CAE or mould CAE to made the hot runner analze before we made the solution.

Anole is an experienced hor runne maker , if u have any interested about it , please contact me freely.

Written by : Lenny

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Hot runner exhibition Chinaplas 2014


Hot runner exhibition Chinaplas 2014
Chinaplas is proud of second globally and the best in Asia. This year, Chinaplas will be held in Shanghai, Anole Injection Technology Co. Ltd. will attend this exhibition to show attendees our advanced technology and precision samples.
For this show, Anole organized professional treatment to sales engineer and participants, to ensure this show will be finished in perfect ending and won greatly proud from competitors and customers from home and abroad. About the samples we will display in our booth will be our standard models with best quality and competitive prices. We will show you the nozzles, manifolds, temperature controllers and heating elements. Valve gate integral type hot runner system will be the key point of Anole. This type of hot runner is widely used in automotive moulds.
Anole hot runner not only show you hot runner system in the show, but also hydraulic cylinders, which is made by Anole’s sister company- HC Hydraulic Cylinder Co. Ltd. She is good at mould hydraulic cylinders for Mould Company. Our seals rings are from England, which brand is Hallite.
Anole booth information:
Booth No.: E5D31
Time: April 23rd, 2014 – 26th, 2014
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Welcome new old customers come and guide. If you need invitation letter from us, please send mail to me. We will try our best to help you.

contact: Candy
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hot runner sprue choose


Anole is a experienced hot runner maker in china , we provide high quality hot runner system with excellent service and price .we made the best solution for customers . we apply high special tooling machine as well as our abundance of experience to made the best solution for customers. Here I want to introduce the issue of hot runner sprue choose.
The choose of the hot runner sprue can be decided by the structure of plastic parts and moulds use requirements. If it is admit by the products construction, in the insert of the cavity, the nozzle do not intervene with the head of the nozzle. The sprue gate can be anyway in the products. Normally, for formal products, the injection sprue is choosing by workers experience. For big and complex plastic products, we apply the CAE to simulate the melting flowing condition in the cavities, analyze the cooling situation of the products different parts to ensure the best sprue gate place.


    Hot runner system , hot runner sprue . chinese hot runner system

Any interested about thehot runner system, please do not hesitate to let me know.. I am here for u and we will made the best solution for u.
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Plastic milk crate mold company ,hot runner molding method.


Hot runner injection mold is the most commonly one in the no runner injection mold.Milk crate hot runner injection mold.
The existence of the cool material in the gating system ,not only waste of the raw materials and increase the energy consumption of the injection machine, but also increased the port encumbrances processing.

Use milk crate  hot runner injection molding method,can reduces the total cost of production.Hot runner injection molding ,using heating method to keep the plastic stay molten state,so as to avoid cooling wasted material.


milk crate hot runner injection mold

milk crate hot runner injection mold

Set the heater to keep pouring system inside plastic molten state of the injection mould of hot flow path, the hot runner is equipped with a runner plate, nozzle and temperature controller, etc.

Due to the high technical difficulty, the hot runner equipment were made by a professional hot runner system company manufacturing and management.

Injection mold factory cooperate with hot runner system manufacture ,done the hot runner injection mold design and manufacture together.And ensure the production of the injection mold.

Sino Mold keep long-term cooperate relationship with Anole hot runner.
Anole provide thousands hot runner system and spare parts for sino mold every year.

Welcome to contact me any necessary.Thank you.


Posted by Ashley

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Advanced hot runner system technology


Advanced hot runner system technology

With the mass production of plastic parts become more and more complex,hot runner system get more and more important in mould industry.Advanced hot runner system technology can use for injecting micro parts in medical products ,the weight can be only 0.02g. Also,hot runner system can use for injecting 15kgs or 30kgs weight large parts in auto or building industry.


advanced hot runner system technology

Hot runner system is the special structure components in the mould. In short,we can look hot runner system as the extension of injection machine.Hot runner system is transfer the melt plastic into the mould cavity. If possible,hot runner system best independently heat in order to compensate thermal losses. Advanced hot runner system technology need meet the below requirment:

  • the melted plastic in the nozzle need temperature keep constancy. Avoiding nozzle temperature to high.
  • Nozzle and mould need thermal insulation to avoiding thermal loss and maintain the melted plastic temperature.
  • Without leakage between nozzle and manifold.
  • Easy to clean the plasticand disassemble.

Anole hot runner researches and developed advanced hot runner system technology last year. Our integrated hot runner system is our new generate hot runner system. integrated hot runner system solve old hot runner system leakage problem,and it’s easy to handle. More important,it reduce contact area between hot runner system and mould cavity.

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