hot runner system
hot runner system
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CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
nhựa phun keo nóng|Hệ thống phun nhựa đuôi keo nóng nhà sản xuất

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China hot runner trend



With the hot runner technology mature gradually in China,the component presents the following several main development trend.

1 parts in miniaturization, small products can be produced in the multi-cavity mould and large products gate punching die. By narrow the nozzle space to set more cavity ,that can improve the rate of production and injection molding machine.
2 parts standardization, which is beneficial to reduce the repetition and reduce the cost of mold design work, and for vulnerable parts replacement and maintenance,replace hot runner spare part much easliy, meet user mold design and manufacturing cycle more and more short.

hot runner

3Three pressure distribution, temperature distribution, and improve the overall reliability of the seal design.
4 temperature control system be more precise, to prevent overheating resin degradation and product performance.
5 raise the wearability of nozzle and hot runner and used for sensitive material.

Any necessary about hot runner system,welcome to contact me freely.Anole hot runner sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


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valve gate hot runner system manufacturer


valve gate hot runner system manufacturer

Valve gate hot runner system is also called shut off hot runner system.
Valve gate hot runner system is a very common applied hot runner system.
A good valve gate hot runner system manufacturer supply both a set of hot runner system and a hot runner system solution.

Anole is an experienced valve gate hot runner system manufacturer and provide high quality hot runner for most mould manufacturer.
Maybe you wonder that what is valve gate hot runner system. Where is the advantage of anole valve gate hot runner system?
In fact,valve gate hot runner system is work through valve needle under the valve needle control device in scheduled time to open and close the gate in the form of mechanical motion. This type of hot runner system has many advantages that pin point gate system and direct gate system don’t have.Such as switching time can be artificially controlled gate, sprue smooth level off,and can expand the hot runner technology and so on.

Anole valve gate hot runner system is mainly used in medical products, home appliance mold, electronic products, keyboard and other daily necessities. We are professional valve gate hot runner system manufacturer in China.Anole hot runner system is professional design your hot runner system according to your requirement.
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Hot runner system color changing

Hot runner mould has advantages of time-saving,stable quality and high efficiency.
Hot runner failure problem affects it’s wide application. In hot runner mould design and application,
we should consider and pay attention to many questions,such as hot runner system refuelling problem ,hot runner system color changing.
Therefore,get to know the hot runner mould notice will help us successful apply hot runner mould technology.
A good hot runner system color changing solution is very necessary for a plastic products manufacturer.
hot runner system color change process is refer to new material directly pushing out all stranded materials
in the runner and whole move forward. So it’s easy to clean . In contrary,if new material viscosity is lower the
material is easy to run into the stranded materials center and separate the stranded material is step by step.
Therefore,hot runner system color change process is more trouble.
If stranded material viscosity is much more sensitive for temperature.
In operation,worker can appropriate rise the temperature to reduce viscosity in order to speed up hot runner system color changing.

Anole hot runner is a professional hot runner manufacturer in China with 13 experience in hot runner system. If you any item needs me,please contact me at

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traditional mould and hot runner mould



Hot runner mould is so widely used at present, mainly because it has the incomparable virtues than the traditional mold:
1, expanding the scope of the injection molding process application.
Many advanced plastic forming technology is developed based on hot runner technology.
2, save the plastic materials.
In pure hot runner mold because there is no cold runner, so there is no waste.
This is especially important significance for reduce raw material costs.
In fact, the main international hot runner manufacturers have the violent development in the period of the oil and the raw plastic material are expensive.
Because of hot runner technology can reduce the waste is an effective way to reduce the cost of raw materials;

3, eliminate the follow-up process, be helpful for production automation.
Parts after molding mould of hot flow path is the finished product, do not need to trim the gate and recycling processing cold runner and other processes. Be helpful for production automation;
4 shorten the molding cycle.
Because there is no limit to the gating system, cooling time, the plastic products after curingcan be out in a timely manner.Many hot runner used thin-wall parts the molding cycle time can be under 5 seconds.
5, reduce the waste, improve product quality.
In the process of hot runner molding, plastic melt temperature in the runner system was controlled accurately. Plastic can flow uniform state of each cavity, so as to produce consistent parts.
In addition, the gate of hot runner molding parts are of good quality and low residual stress after demoulding, deformation small.
So a lot of high quality products on the market are manufactured by hot runner mould.

We can provide you highly quality hot runner system,any necessary please contact me freely and immediately.


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Thermocouple installation requirements


Thermocouple installation requirements

Thermocouple is a temperature measurer that common used in temperature measurement instrument. Thermocouple is directly measure temperature and convert temperature signals into thermoelectric emfs signal. Thermocouple working principle is ease,but we should notice thermocouple installation requirements.
Thermocouple installation requirements is accurate temperature measurement,safety examination and convenient maintenance. In the same time,thermocouple installation required that don’t affect the equipment operation and production operations. To meet the above requirements,in selection of thermocouple of the installation and insertion depth,we should pay attention to the following points:

  1. In order to make the measurement end of thermocouple has sufficient heat exchange between the measured medium. We should choose a reasonable measuring location and try to avoid installing in the valve,elbow and pipe.


German heating elements
  1. With a protection casting thermocouple has function of heat transfer and heat loss . In order to reduce the measurement error.thermocouple should have insert in enough depth.
  • For measurement of pipeline center fluid temperature,we generally inserted thermocouple measurement end into pipe center. Just for a example,if measured fluid pipe diameter is 200mm,the thermocouple should be inserted depth should choose 100mm.
  • For high temperature and high pressure and high velocity of temperature measurement (such as main steam temperature). In order to reduce cases of fluid resistance and protection to prevent break under the action of the fluid. We can use hot thermocouple or shallow insert thermocouple. Shallow insert temperature protection tube,its depth into the steam pipe should be no less than 75mm; hot set standard thermocouple insert depth is 100 mm.

Thermocouple installation requirements is thermocouple measurement end insert in a certain depth.Anole hot runner is a professional hot runner manufacturer in China.We use GC&HOTSET heating elements and we are the agent of GC&HOTSET.

Written by:Demi

hot runner thermocouple


 Thermocouple is one of the most commonly used temperature detecting element in industry, the working principle of the thermocouple are two different components of conductor on both ends of the connection circuit, such as two different connection end temperature, then produce thermoelectric potential physical phenomena within the loop.
The hot runner thermocouple have below advantage:
1.high measurement precision.
2.Because of thermocouple directly contact with the object which is being measured, so not 3.affected by the medium .
4.the thermocouple measuring range is very widely.
The commonly used thermocouple can measure the temperature range from - 50 ~ + 1600 ℃, some special thermocouple minimum measurable to - 269 ℃ (e.g., gold iron nickel chrome), up to + 2800 ℃
5. simple structure, easy to use.
Thermocouple is usually composed of two different kinds of metal wire, and is not limited by the size and the beginning, the outside has protective casing, which are very convenient.

hot runner thernocouple

The basic principle of thermocouple temperature measurement
Welding the conduct of semi-conductor A&B together,form a closed loop.
When conductor A and B presisstent points 1and 2 and the temperature is different ,so the electromootive force happen,this kind of phenomenon called the thermoelectric effect.Thermocouple is in using this effect to work.
The kinds of thermocouple
Commonly used thermocouple can be divided into two categories, thermocouple and non standard thermocouples.

We Anole can provide you excellent hot runner China,also with good afer sale service.

Any necessary please contact me freely.


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Hot runner temperature decline



When the heating the hot runner but the temperature decline, the mainly reason is caused by the thermocouple reverse connect. So please check the thermocouple wires and adjust.

1.Check cable connection is in order;
2.Check whether the hot runner thermocouple open circuit;
3.Check whether there is any damage on cable to ground short circuit;
4.Check whether the hot runner heater short circuit;

hot runnerpin piont nozzle

5.Check if mould is leaking oil, if it is because of mould is leaking problem, all the area temperature setting within 100 ℃ heating unt dry out il it, boot reboot can be ok.
6.Confirm the set hot runner temperature has been adjusted (higher than room temperature).
temperature controller

After find out the reason and solve problem, restart again.


Any hot runner problem please contact me freely.Sincerely hope to cooperate with you.



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stacking injection mould hot runner system


 stacking injection mould hot runner system


Today’s plastic injection mould is not simple machine and experience design. It is a theory design
that base on plastic materials, rheology and heat transfer. Hot runner mould get widely application
and occupy very important position in the mould industry.

Stacking injection mould hot runner system major technology is
how to lead melt plastic into the manifold of mould center.
Please see the following picture,stack mould need a longer heating main runner.
Picture b show stack mould under open condition,melt plastic flow out from main runner entrance.
Therefore,there have two butt joint hot runner nozzle and butt joint is just parting line.

Stackable mould hot runner requirement is need two butt joint nozzle,some need control by switch.
But the room in mould center is limited,sometime we adopt feed in side mani runner.
stacking injection mould hot runner system

Moldmaster and D-M-E is participate in stacking injection mould hot runner system design and invest.
Also,this is one of hot runner system developing direction and hot runner system supplier goal.

Stack mould usually used to produce thin plastic products,like plastic hanger.
Relatively speaking,stacking mould thickness is thicker than normal mould.
In rating injection molding machine clamping force , it play in two times folded cavity number.

Anole hot runner is a experienced hot runner system supplier.
We could offer you a better stacking injection mould hot runner system.
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hot runner system classification


 hot runner system classification


There have two ways of hot runner system classification.One type is classified by heating ways.
This type has external heating,internal heating and heat insulation.
We major use external heating and rarely use internal heating and heat insulation.
Another type is the convey ways of melt plastic.

As we all know,most of small and medium size plastic products always need hot runner plus
cold runner from mould design and economy. The convey ways of melt plastic has two types,
main runner nozzle injection molding without manifold and nozzle and injection molding with
manifold and nozzle.Main runner single nozzle is belong to easiest hot runner gating system
without manifold. Single main runner nozzle replace the function of primary main runner cup and bush.
Main runner nozzle can be direct gate,pin point gate or other type gate. In the single cavity mould,we also use hot nozzle.

Hot runner system classification is easy,but hot runner system is complicated.
Hot runner system is both the extension of injection machine nozzle and mould runner system.
Compare to cold runner,it expand process injection quantity and reduce the pressure loss.

According to melt plastic run through main runner nozzle into nozzle under manifold ,
hot runner system classification still has many series.
Anole hot runner is specialize in hot runner system.
If you have any item need me,please feel free to contact me.

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installing and adjusting hot runner system


installing and adjusting hot runner system

Injection mould hot runner system installing and adjusting ,not only including machinery
assemble ,but also the installation of meter&electric system.
Before installing and adjusting hot runner system,we should pay attention to one keypoint——thermal expansion.
Only installation proceed under room temperature can guarantee the successful installation.

Installing and adjusting open series nozzle system
First,check gates
Before install nozzle,operator must check working accuracy for each gate hole and gate hole set on the cavity plate.
These hole on the cavity plate is processed by mould maker.
Second,check the cavity plate tapping location of multi nozzle
Multi-nozzle hot runner system,before installation,the worker should check locating accuracy for hole on the mould plate.

How to installing and adjusting hot runner system to mould cavity? And hot runner system install step?
First, we should check manifold is install at mould frame and maker sure it around heat insulation is same.
Taking notice the connection head cannot touch with cavity plate.
Then check the nozzle axis direction.
Third,installing and adjusting multi-nozzle system

Installing and adjusting hot runner system is very important to a mould manufacturer.
It is necessary for hot runner system and hot manifold installation.
Anole hot runner is a professional hot runner system andhot runner mould maker in China.
We have rich experience in hot runner system and mould.

Writen by Demi

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