hot runner system
hot runner system
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Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
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Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
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Replace the heater coil


1, waiting for the injection mold cooling, remove the hot half from the mold
2, unload the locating ring (another function of locating ring is fixed thermal printheads)
3, mounted on the lifting hole with the M3 screws ,remove hot nozzle, pay attention to the heating coil can not be squeezed,
4,remove snap ring, and Heating coil insulation cover
5, hold the hot nozzle head, clockwise and moved outside and pull the fever circle to make it step by step from hot nozzle
6, installing a new wire, heating coil should as far as possible with the hot nozzle main body tiejin, front-end of the heater should reach hot nozzle front ring groove body inner core
7, clockwise rotation heating circle, make its move to the thermal nozzle head, ensure that the heating wire completely reach the hot nozzle front, to pay attention to the distribution of heat circle on the hot tip ends to close some, some thin.
8, fitted with heating coil insulation cover, if the insulation plate are tight, check whether hot coil installed 9, fitted with spring fever circle and testing standard resistance value and calculate the power (fever circle of standard work
We can supply you the highly quality Hotset heater.
Germany Hotset company was founded in 1973, focused on the research and development and production of the heating element and temperature control equipment.Is one of the best heaters in the world.

Any question please contact me freely.


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hot runner in the plastic crate mould



Plastic injection products are widely used nowadays, as the hot runner system are large quantity needed,Plastic products have below features.
1 beautiful look

2, high strength, CAD design, reasonable structure, high bearing strength.Cabinet good toughness.
Free fall is not deformation, not cracking.
3, product surface can print company logo department don't font or symbol, etc
4, flammable, flammable items, not near fire (high temperature 100 ℃, the ignition temperature of 340 ℃, and spontaneous combustion temperature of 349 ℃, minimum temperature 25 ℃).

5, good skid resistance: use square box (basket) bottom stiffener, etc all kinds of anti-slip design, stable operation on the assembly line.
6, smoothness, turnover box, revolving basket) remain at about 40 ℃, temperature level used for best results, the ground tilt place can lead to dumping.
7, properties, good, beautiful, light, non-slip, mouldproof, impact resistant, easy to rinse, not combustion, cold resistant, heat-resisting, wear-resisting, compression, acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance more than the product applied to hardware factory, food factory, electronics factory, garment factories, shoe toy factory logistics, food hygiene, medical industry, long-distance transportation, shop turnover and one-time export for a long time to use, suitable for factories in logistics transportation, distribution, storage, distribution processing, some models can be enclosed box: consists of box and the box cover, good sealing, dustproof, moisture proof.

We provide you highly quality foldable crate and hot runner system.

Any necessary ,pls contact me freely.


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Anole new standard hot runner



Anole company comes our new standard hot runner system,it improve a lot hot runner advantage on the original base for the hot runner design,hot runner installation and hot runner maintenance.

To reach customer higher standard,Anole's enginner constant innovation and practice,successfully develop and research new standard hot runner on the basis of original hot runner system structure,our new design have a big breakthrough on the performance,technology and maintenance aspect.

If you interested our new standard design or you have new project in hand,welcome to make detail consultation.

Post by Tina

How to improve plastic mould high speed injection capacity


 Good plastic material, filling system need special auxiliary injection molding hot runner system, because the production of durable need low melt index of HDPE material, such as melt index for 4 or 6 and so on.
Achieve the best effect, to ensure that the cooling system.
To produce durable foldable crate mold, must make the mold's biggest molding cooling water on the surface of the optimal design.
But one-time turnover box mold production, must use the steel material with excellent cooling waterway design.
Select run high-speed injection molding machine mold, injection capacity screw rotational speed (RPM) must be greater than 350.
Most of the plastic crate manufacturers in the world with accumulator injection speed increase the melt.
foldable plastic crate mold design also is very important.
Turnover box mold ejection way is best design for mechanical system automatic ejection, so when the mold cavity can finish top is out of action.
And, of course, if the injection molding machine can be equipped with two hydraulic drive machine automatic ejection, mould ejection movement can be more smoothly.
For different types of mold, in order to realize high speed injection.Mould must be high precision, parts must have a accurate orientation function,as the hot runner system must be excellent.otherwise the mould it is impossible to have high speed operation performance.


Hot runner preparatory steps


Hot runner preparatory steps

Because of hot runner mould is able to develop production effective efficiency and reduce cost, it becomes more and more popular in plastic molding line. In order to give expression to its value, we should make use of hot runner mould reasonable. In that way, what preparatory work are we doing?
Before hot runner mould production operating, we’d better do the following hot runner preparatory steps:
1. That the correct connection between temperature controller and injection mould, injection molding machine power source.
2. That the correct connection of hydraulic pressure and compressed air catheter, if have.
3. Boot up the machine to checkout action of its parts, includes opening mould, clamping mould, ejecting, resetting, etc.
4. Checkout mould safety performance reliability.
Then, follow the steps to get start hot runner mould:
1. Start up temperature controller box to be warming the hot runner to normal temperature.
2. Heat up injection molding machine-charging barrel to set temperature.
3. Adopt die temperature machine to warming mould temperature.
4. In the condition of new or cleaning system, melt plastic material will fill hot runner system in very lower pressure.
5. Set injection machine t a proper value.
Hot runner mould attention: system cannot open in high pressure to clean the runner. It will damage the seals and electric conductor. In the meanwhile, we should pay attention to the runner leakage if it has any leakage. The production can be assured to processing normally when everything is OK.
written by: Candy
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Subsurface gate


Subsurface gate is one of cold runner mould gate series,plays important role in the plastic molding.In the mould design,this runner gate used more.

In the recent mould making industry,A lot of mold adopts the subsurface gate.But a lot of people not familiar with this type gate,even for the mould gate.Subsurface gate also called tunnel gate.This type of gate used more in the cold runner mould or hot half runner.Today we will discuss about this type gate,lets make better understanding.

The subsurface gate is a circular or oval gate which submerges and 'feeds' into the impression below the parting surface of the mould.The Form.being in one mould plate,has no matching problems and precise dimensions can be achieved.If the more oval form is used the filling rate if the impression can be controlled independently of the gate seal time.

A secondary runner,usually of conical form,is machined at an angle Φ to the impression wall and is stopped short of the impression wall by a distance L(Note that this corresponds to the gate land length).The dimension for the gate cross-section can be estimated from either the equation suggested for the rectangular gate(see above),if an oval gate is adopted,or the equation for the pin gate(see above),if the circular gate is used.

If you have some questions or requirement,or any other hot runner confusion,please do not hesitate to contact me.Please just contact me.
Anole injection system is your best choice for partnership, also is your best choice for your plastic mould .

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Balanced hot runner


Choose a balanced hot runner system for hot runner mould,not only on hot runner nozzle quality,but also runner balanced type is very important for multi cavity mould.

Generally,adopt runner plate hot runner system equipt with multiple nozzles,In order to ensure the plastic products quality,No matter forming a product in a multi cavity mould and different product with multi cavity mould,or multi injection points with single cavity forming,realize the melt plastic balanced filling in the mould is really very important.

During the melt plastic mold filling,adopt two ways to realized mold filling balanced.One is natural balance.Depend on the equal flow path design the hot runner system,offer the natural or geometric balanced.The other one is the rheology balance,design the hot runner system on the basis of same pressure for each injection point.For different flow diameter length of flow channel section compensation, based on rheological theory of calculating the income balance.

One thing need to aware that the geometric balanced runner design is obtain under the condition of a certain technological conditions and materials, injection molding machine.If the real production material or technology changed,all will make originally balanced flow design filling imbalance problems.
Choose natural balance will make the runner plate inside runner path longer,and the waste the injection pressure,that also will make the material staying in the runner longer.So there is not exist absolute balance of the hot runner.

So when using the hot runner system,The runner balance should consider more to reach a high quality system.Anole hot runner company is professional hot runner manufacture in china.we will help you design the perfect relative balanced hot runner system.Anole will try our best to meet customers complete satisfication.If you have new project in hand or require consultation,please feel free to contact me.

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Hot runner mould and injection molding machine


Hot runner mould and injection molding machine

After finished hot runner injection mold designed and manufactured, the mould will be devoted to injection molding machine to produce. At that time, injection molding machine model choice is very important. Injection molding machine comes with automatic recyclability should suitable for hot runner system. When purchase manager choose injection molding machine should consider the following factors:
1. Thanks to hot runner advantage, many mould maker will recommend customer add hot runner system, hot runner mould will increase a runner plate, so the mould height will be increased, we must consider the injection machine’s max mould height.
2. When calculate the injection molding volume measurement, we should consider the compressibility of runner raw material.
3. Concerning the special of the hot runner mould, injection molding machine supplier suggest operator operate the injection act as continuous operation, adopt multistage start to prevent damage, numerous equipment to assure mould automatic operation, robot or mechanical arm is preferred. Such as:
a. Plastic products need insert tag or sheet to mould.
b. Take off plastic products or speed up ejection.
c. Control plastic products movement and reduce startup time accessory.
d. Before startup injection molding machine please heat the mould in advance.
e. Decrease install mould time, quicken the connection time of cooling water pipe, gas and electric circuit, hot runner temperature controller, etc.
written by: Candy
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Multi tip nozzle


In order to make the balance hot runner,runner balance is important for the mould processing.Runner system type be the main key for the mould multi cavity.

For some medical supplies or small product requirement factory,Products fully automated production always is a technical problem.For such products,common hot runner system cannot achieve best mould layout,that will make the mold layout very big and increase the mould cost.

Anole hot runner now successfully develop a new type multi tip nozzle,it has put into normal production.It's the balanced runner,Use one nozzle with multi tip can inject multi-cavity small parts.This type nozzle with stable performance has obtain customer always praise and successfully adopted into customer's supplier system.Later on the syringe project,this type multi-tip nozzle reach a major breakthrough.On the basis of the development of the multi-tip nozzle,the oblique nozzle comes out,and success in the mold testing on Nov 3th,2012.At present,this set of hot runner is working very well in the foreign market.

Anole hot runner in order to provide customer high quality system,always do the research to develop exisiting system to meet customers complete satisfication.If you have new project in hand or require consultation,please feel free to contact me.

post by Tina

How to identify plastic product quality?


 The progress of science and technology, the continuous development of logistics industry, high quality plastic product industry is booming, in particular, the product increasingly diversity,than how can we pick up a good foldable crate from so many products? The good quality product based on the good injection system,hot runner system plays very important role.
Purchasing the plastic crate one of the most important thing is the quality.Should consider from the following aspects and then make a wise choice
1.Has a good bear ability,it will not deformation after a period time.
have a certain impact toughness to prevent accidental cause casing rupture to damage products.
2, has the good chemical and physical properties, won't because the summer heat outside and cause the deformation of plastic turnover box, not because the plastic tray uneven, leading to casing deformation.
3.when the day is cold ,the temperature drop extremely thep plastic crate will ont be brittle,avoid cause damage.
4. has the very good resistance to aging performance, basically be to see whether or not a pure polyethylene manufacturing, whether there are related to the inspection certificate.
5.a large proportion of the plastic crate are used in the food processing industry,so we should choose some big manufactures,they can solve the quality,health problem and other factors very well.
6, corrosion resistance, plastic turnover box should have good corrosion resistance, not because of the strong acid, strong alkali and chemical nature of the change.

When purchasing plastic crate shoule consider the above 6 factors, choose a suitable for their own products can effectively save purchase cost, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

We can provide you good quality foldable crate ,as well as hot runner system .Any question pls contact me freely ,I am sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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