hot runner system
hot runner system
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CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
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Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
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Positioning of gate


There are many gate types affect mould plastic parts forming,gate position's setting make the melt plastic running in the mould impression,side gated will affect the weld line.Most of the gate accept esged gate because of the economic reason.mould impression,weld line,edge gated,side gated,gate position,gate types.

Ideally,the position of the gate should be such that there is an even flow of the melt in the impression,so that it fills uniformly and the advancing melt front spreads out and results the various impression extremities at the same time.This can arise because side gating gives rise to a more rapid flow of material down on side of the impression,resulting in a differential pressure which can move the core out of position.This result in a thinner wall section of one side,thus adding another weaknedd to that of the weld line.When the edge is used,and the majority of mouldings are edge gated for reasons of mould economics,the gate should be positioned so that the melt flow immediately meets a restriction.

The impression is fed in the centre at one end and the material,one entering at high velocity,'jets' and quickly sets on reaching the cool mould walls.More material then enters and folws around the original jetted material.The resulting flow lines are visible on the finished moulding.In such cases,although flow lines cannot be prevented,their effects, such as mechanical weakness and surface blemish,can be largely overcome.This is accomplished by keeping the cooling medium away from the neighborhood of weld lines;the mould temperature them increases slightly at these points,helping the two fronts to knit together more easily.

Hope hot runner systeminformation upon will be good use for you.If you have any comments,welcome to contact me.

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hot to decide the injection gate number?


how to decide the injection gate number for your product?

Most molds use only one gate per cavity,However,there are exceptional cases where two or more gates per cavity have advantages,in some3-plates are strategic locations may favilitate the fillin,In 2-plate molds,spcaing two or more hot runner injection mold gate number for the whole system.

For example,4 cavities plastic crates hot runner system,the total there will be 16 hot runner nozzle are required,using particular hot runner nozzle for injecting plastic crates,second inportant reason for choosing the right injection gate number is the plastic material,PP and PE or PS, for these kinds of easy injected material,usually we can use fewer nozzles than some other material such as PC,POM,etc. besides, different kind of material also require different model of nozzle type.

besides, the size of the plastic products also is the very important reason for picking the right gate number. the bigger products is,the more injection gate number will be pick of course.

for more information about the injection gate solution for your products for hot unner mould,please contact us





cross section and balancing of hor runners


cross section and balancing of hor runners

When selecting the hot runner cross section of the injection system,we are concerned with two opposing reqwuirements,We want the least pressure drop in the flow of plastic from the machine nozzle to the gate;this implies the use of large runner cross sections,(the runner size also depends on the viscosity of the plastic at the molding temperature),however,we are converned with the molding cycle time,which is mostly dependent on the cooling time of the mass of plastic molding equipment in the runners;this implies the use of small hot runner system section..

The actual selection is,therefore,a compromise based on experience,There are some quidelines regarding size and shape of cross sections,but,even so,runners often have to be increased in size after the first mold tryouts,However it is always better to start with smaller runners,which can be easily enlargd if necessary.


hot runner cross section

Figure 4.9 shows a few common shapes of cross sections,and it can also tell something about the hot runner balance that happen for plastic injection system,a is the best for flow but is costly to match up in two plates,in b image, in which angled sides are tangential to the enclosed circles,D is most common,The flow is as good as in a,but the mass is larger,hot runner cross section c is cheap,but the flow is not good,especially if the ratio of width to height is more than 2:1, d and e are sometimes used were the runner must cool fast and be stiff for ejection.especially with very long runners,to prevent hanging up of runners as they fall out of the mold,The pressure drop in these runners is relatively high.

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Hot half information


Hot half information
Anole offers a wide selection of choice for integrating your hot runner system. For quick turn-around, your hot runner system can be integrated with Anole hot half. For your more advances applications our solution program offers custom hot half plates.
Here I show some keys of Anole hot half information benefits:
1. Pre-engineered designs reduce mold design time.
2. Custom or standard mold base sizes available.
3. P20 as the steel plates.
4. Proven design practices which result in
5. Efficient cooling in each plate to control heat expansion and ensure correct leader pin alignment.
6. Configurations with flexibility of final drop position for up to 16 cavities.
7. Tapped screw-holes positioned to your specification.
8. Anole temperature controller box and connectors supplied pre-wored and tested.
9. Complete documentation with each hot half, including assembly drawing, parts list and installation instructions.
10. For valve gate applications hydraulic lines are integrated in the hot half plates.
If you have an application that falls outside of the special hot half dimensions, no problem, we can provide a hot half with your hot runner system for almost any application.
contact: Candy
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Syringe mould hot runner supplier


Syringe mould hot runner supplier
We offer customer high quality syringe injection molding line from China. In the medical field, high-precision and mould quality’s requirements are very rigorous. We are very professional in the line of syringe injection molding line, so we know the importance of high quality syringe mould hot runner system.
First, in order to keep injection balance of syringe products, the structure of a banana-shaped submarine gate was used to inject. There are two points on the syringe products such as the picture I attached. In addition, we use hot runner system to inject in order to keep plastic raw material in the condition of molten.
Of course, high quality syringe mould hot runner system is very important. Syringe products must in best phenomenon and good appearance. In order to reach these high requirement, in the hot runner system, cold plastic material can’t exist. The hot runner designer should take full account of the flow runner where the melted material will through.
Anole is one of the best syringe mould hot runner supplier, they also have a special strong work-team of hot runner research and development. Welcome consultation.
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syringe mould hot runner supplier


Hot Runner System Technology


Hot Runner System Technology

Hot runner system can keep the plastic material in molten condition through continuous heating. Compare to cold runner system,hot runner mould is more save raw material.Nowadays, hot runner system technology is widely applied to mould manufacture. The whole hot runner system solution is comprised of nozzle,manifold and temperature controller.
Hot runner system technology is keep plastic material in molten condition through the heating coil continuous heat. Afterplastic injection molding machine stop working,worker don’t need open runner to take coagulation material,just need to heat hot runner system. Therefore,hot runner system is sometime called heat collector tube system or no runner mould.

hot runner system technology

Hot runner system compare to cold runner system, it is more saving raw material and decrease the costing. It can shorten molding cycle time,increase machine efficiency. It can use pin point gate without three plates mould. It can rise the auto-motional produce degree. But,every technology both has advantages and disadvantages. Hot runner mould structural complexity ,maintainance costing is high, hot runner system leakage will influence plastic products quality and production schedule. But we could use high quality heating elements to reduce these factors. Anole use GC&HOTSET heating elements to process nozzle and manifold,HOTSET brand is most stable heating elements in Germany.
A successful hot runner system technology application need multiple links to guarantee it’s quality. There have tow most important technology,the one is plastic temperature controlled,the another one is plastic flow controlled. Plastic temperature controller is very important in hot runner system. Many problem rise in plastic product is due to the bad control to hot runner system temperature.
For plastic flow controlled,we through CAE software to estimate plastic flow direction. We could you a better mould flow analysis to avoid some problem will be existed in injection process.
Anole is specialize in hot runner system manufacture.Our hot runner system win the great popularity in world market due to it’s high quality and reasonable price. If you have any item need me,please do not hesitate to contact me.

Written by:Demi

Valve Gate Hot Runner system


Valve Gate Hot Runner system

Hot runner is used in injectionplastic mold. It injects melted plastic into mould cavity and heating components setting.Hot runner system can divided into fully hot runner system and semi hot runner system. Pin point gate hot runner system direct and gate hot runner system used for semi hot runner system.Valve gate hot runner system used for fully hot runner system. Valve gate can separate into single-tip valve gate and multi-tips valve gate.
Valve gate hot runner system has many advantages,such as smooth gate,expand hot runner technology application field etc. Valve gate hot runner is applied to automotive, medical, electronics, office equipment... For example,in recent years,auto companies major adopt valve gate hot runner in international.Combined with Multicolor injection craft to produce lamp chimney. The gate must require smooth to meet the beautiful demand due to lamp chimney is the transparent products. To use valve gate hot runner system,many car industry suppliers adopt sequential temperature controller box to eliminate welding line.

valve gate hot runner system
valve gate hot runner system

In medical fields,people extremely strict require quality for medical plastic parts gate , medical plastic products can’t have sharp protuberance etc. Otherwise,it will bring serious consequence. In this case, we only rely on the valve gate gate runner system to improve product quality.Due to valve gate is closed by a valve needle mechanical action, without being limited by the gate of plastic cooling time, so the valve gate hot runner system sometimes can greatly shorten the plastic parts molding cycle.
Valve needle mechanical action device can use hydraulic oil or compressed gas control. Using hydraulic oil,valve needle switch action is powerful and accurate. But it maybe dirty plastic products in the production process. It is necessary to use compressed gas control to produce medical products to guarantee the products clean.
Anole valve gate hot runner system is received great popularity in the worldmarket. We have a stronger design group to support us in technology. You could find your interesting item in here.If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me.

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Why injection molding produced welded line?


Why injection molding produced welded line?

As one of main structural components in the modern industrial products,plastic products is widely used in many fields. Plastic injection parts is easy to produce defects due to the complexity of injection molding processing. Welded line is one of the typical injection defects. Welded line not only influence plastic products appearance,but also influence plastic products strength. Why injection molding produced welded line ? It involved in many factors,such as shape of parts,mould structure,injection plastic molding equipment craft etc. In this situation,we could use welding line measures to eliminate the knit line.
What is called welded line? What is welding line measures ?
Knit line refer to : During molding process two flow plastic material meet when there is incapacity of these two flow material to weld together. As one of the molding defects, welded line occur when plastic material temperature is set too low.When two flow plastic material meet at one point ,they could not welded enough. Welding line could divide into hot welded line and cold welded line.Plastic products appearance and strength will be directly influenced by welded line.For welded line,many expert in domestic and overseas work on research welded line forming,machining parameter,numerical simulation.
In general, when products appearance arising knit line,technicist will take following factors into consideration:

  • Low temperature of injection plastic machine barrel
  • Injection pressure is too low
  • Injection speed is too low

Through the above factor,we could plan a welding line measures:
Increase temperature of injection plastic machine barrel
Increase injection pressure and speed....
Welded line is inevitable for most injection plastic products. But we could use welding line measures to eliminate or reduce the influence of welded line.
Anole is a professional hot runner system manufacturer. In the same time,we also is a mould maker in China.You could find a satisfactory welded line solution in here.


Written by:Demi


PET mould hot runner components


Valve gate nozzle is one of the hot runner nozzle series,Anole hot runner is the PET hot runner supplier,mainly working for shut off system hot runner moulds two decades.We have strong experience for the hot runner components.

PET moulds using valve gate nozzle to inject the preform bottle.The valve needle controlled by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure can shorten the cycle time,improve the injection speed.Especially for the PET large production quantity injection requirement.It's very useful.Using valve gate hot runner system can ensure the PET prefrom mould long term stable working,Shut off system can control the melt plastic steady flow rate,can sealing the melt plastic very well,keep the nozzle inside melt plastic still at constant temperature state.

For the PET hot runner,anole hot runner system will set heat insulation cap this special structure on the valve gate nozzle top.It can help to avoid the metlt PET material contact to the mould directly,make the melt plastic at constant temperature.

Anole is the sino mould PET hot runner general supplier.We are cooperate for more than 20years.We can offering the customer with high quality PET preform hot runner system.The maximum hot runner cavities we made is 120 cavities.

If you have any project in hand, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Anole hot runner 2013 chinaplas exhibition


Hot runner is one of the injection molding solutions,choose a best hot runner system is very important for the mould.Anole is the hot runner supplier in china,recently will attend a plastic fair-chinaplas.

Anole hot runner will attend the chinaplas exhibition from May 20th to May 23th.Our hot runner system has a big change,In order to offer customer the best molding solution,Anole success develop our new system timely.During the fair,Anole will display our newly technology and new goods.

Welcome to visit our booth and make detail consultation.Our booth number is 3.2C11.If you got molding problem and cofusion,Anole's engineer can give you detail solution face to face.
And if you have any enquiry,contact me at any time.

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