hot runner system
hot runner system
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CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
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Welcome Istvan visit Anole


Welcome Istvan visit Anole

Welcome Istvan from Brazil visit Anole company.On Nov.21th,Istvan come Anole from Luqiao airport,he said Anole hot runner system is of high quality,he is very interested about Anole hot runner.He shows this time he just come to have a study here,and want to learn more about anole hot runner.Because Anole hot runner adopt German heating elements.The working time would be very longer.he want to be an agent of anole.Then from Nov.21th to Nov.23th,he left Anole with satisfy mood.
Thanks Istvan highly priased.I believe the future of Anole will become more and more brightly and prosperous.


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Hot runner and injection machine


The hot runner system and theinjection machine, both are inseparable. Invests when the injection machine produces, the choice of injection  machine is very important.The autocycle ability of the injection machine must be suitable for the hot runner system. Therefore when chooses the injection machine, we must pay attention:
1st, regarding depreciation of hot runner mold,advocate injection machinery's continuous-running.
2nd, when measure the injection machine's injection volume, must consider the compressibility of plastic in the hot runner systemm.
3rd, In the reason of the increase of hot runner in the mould, added a manifold board, therefore mold thickness increases correspondingly, must pay attention to injection machine's mounting height when choosen.
4th, the numerous equipment use for guarantee the mold's automatic operation, the first choice is the robot or the simple controllable manipulator,
for instance:
1st, leaves the plastic or accelerates them to go against.
2nd, reduces the plastic mold's time, reduces the cooling water pipe, the air course, the electric circuit and the hot flow channel controls the box warm and so on joint time.
3rd, the product needs to place inlays, the label or the thin slice waits till in the mold. 4th, heating the mold before starting the injection machine.
5th, control the plastic migration and reduce starting time appendix.


shuttle molding


Shuttle molding|insert molding

This method is widely used for the molding of plastic around inserts that require manual loading into the mold,such as electric connectors,that are to be surrounded by insulating materials,The manual operation is selected either because of the difficulties connected with automatic inserting or because it is not economically viable to automate, in case of small production requirements.

The principal feature of such a set-up is a mold that consists of a cavity on othe injection side and a pair of identical core halves,which one core with the inserts is in the shot.As the mold opens after the plastic is cooled(or cured,with thermosets),the operator slides the core that contains the inserts into the molding position,the mold closes,and,after removing the finished products,the opertor again prepares the core for the next shot.

Preferably,a machine used for such manual operation has a vertical clamp so that inserting may take place at table height in front of a seated operator,and the inserts are held by gravity in position.It may be useful to shuttle the cavities and have only one core;this is of special advantage with thermosets.where the plastic can then be easily loaded by uilizing gravity.

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Why hot runner with low penetration rate in china?


Why hot runner with low penetration rate in china?

There are several reasons why hot runner with low penetration rate in china,its reason is various.Most mould enterprise and injection enterprise hod wait-and-see attitude,even don't know of the big part of the reason ia that the propaganda is not enough of the hot runner supplier.As a hot runner supplier,must let its ultimate customers(injection enterprise)unserstand.Using hot runner can help them profit,nont only can help them make their products more beautiful,save the raw material,production more efficiency,but also can help improve the mould working life.

In this respect,hot runner supplier and the mould enterprise need to do more work,in another respect,they need to teach customers how to use the hot runner in correct way.Most customer(including mould enterprise and the injection enterprise)after purchase the hot runner,because of the improper use,usually make the heating elements burn out,even the temperature controller box.In light degree,it will tend to decrease the product quality,in heavy degree,it will cause the mould demaged,the injection machine stalled,and so on.



Under these circumstance,customers would be mistaken for hot runner is a bad thing.Therefore,develop hot runer technology in china, is a heavy responsibilities to the client of the propaganda and make the injection enterprise accept and really learn to use the hot runner technology is the future main work for the hot runner supplier.

Wide application for hot runner technology is the reformation of plastic injection moulding,it has quite a number of in comparable advantages,it can be said that,with further development of technology for mature and the manafacuring cost cut,hot runner technology will more and more show its huge advantages.Make hot runner components of the national standards, the high quality of positive producing cheap components, completes the hot runner technology promotion, is the key to develop the mould of hot runner.

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The development prospect of hot runner system in china


The development prospect of hot runner system in china

In the recent years,hot runner technology promote gradually,in a big extent,because our country mould export to the Europe and brings the rapid export volume.In Europe,injection moulding is dependent on the hot runner system.It can be said that,mould without using hot runner technology has been difficult to export,so that makes most mould manufactures realized the importance of hot runner.Since the price of foreign improts is too expensive,some of our domestic company can not accept,so there comes some domestic hot runner system components.It's good for hot runner system develop in china.
However,Above 20% hot runner company adopt inner heating or out heating device.A few company using with the world's advanced level of difficult needle valve type hot runner device, but overall, the hot runner of acceptance is less than 10%,not enough when conpared with the overseas 50-80%.
In recent years, the world famous hot runner technology vendors to barrage in various forms to enter into China market, or establish production base, or looking for agency, or set up the office, or establish subsidiary, it should be said, the trend of China mold industry technology to promote quickly rose to the important role.

It is no doubt that a south Korean company is the earliest begin,South Korea's Yudo,SINO (R) brands in China both have a considerable influence in the Netherlands otherwise headquarters of the Synventiveand Canada's Mold Masters (massey's) respectively in suzhou and kunshan factory established this year will also has put into production in North America Husky injection industrial giant (Emile heskey) has devoted years of hot runner technology in our country popularize work, its wholly owned by the Asian operations center set up-Emile heskey Shanghai technology center also has a strong hot runner provides the ability of sino-german joint venture established chameleon Anole injection technology Co., LTD is located in zhejiang huangyan the products of the heating element will all adopt the technology leading German Anole company products at the same time, our country a lot of new private enterprises also realized that this field of the unlimited business opportunities, have set up hot runner production enterprise, this to reduce the use of hot runner technology cost and its application and dissemination have very important sense.
But overall, our local enterprises is now able to offer technical mostly remained relatively junior, choose the space is little, quality is not stable, maintenance cycle short problems have often can affect the downstream enterprises to their products trust.

Anole Hot Runner successfully finished the research of new nozzle


Anole Hot Runner successfully finished the research of new nozzle

On  Nov.10th,Anole Hot Runner successfuly finished the research of a new nozzle that without any dead zone .

hot nozzle without dead zone
For this kind of nozzle,there are 6 small BeCu hot tips at the top ,replaces the normal type that only has one tip,the most important and difficult thing is make it heat up.we tried several times and finally found a avialiable heat tube for it,for this type of nozzle.the plastic melt flows outside of the nozzle and flows along to the outside appearance till the injection points.Thus all the melt will flow deirectly to the injection sprue,which means there is no dead zone during the injection .
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Number of hot runner cavities


Number of hot runner cavities   

                                                ------------Anole hot runner system

The number of the mold hot runner cavities depends on two basic considerations:
1)the number of products required per unit of time(hour, week, year) and 2)the size of machine available or designated for the job.
hot runner cavities
Usually, the mold maker gets an order for a mold with a specified number of cavities and no much additional information except the size of machine the mold must fit. However, additional discussions with the molder will often result in a better choice for the number of cavities, and in better selection of the other parameters listed above, to achieve the optimum size, quality, and price of the mold and the best cost of the molded runner cavities.
It's obvious that the best alternatives for the above features are usually the most costly in manufacturing the mold, but such selections can result in greatly reduced molding costs and in lower product costs. On the other hand, it may be wasteful to produce a mold with many or all the costly features if only limited productivity is required or if the products has a limited life before becoming obsolete. hot runner cavities
There is somewhere a break even point which should be found every time the design for a new mold is being considered as a basis for the decision regarding the number of cavities, etc. hot runner cavities.The following, oversimplified examples should help to explain these considerations.
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Hot runner system


Hot runner system

                                               -----------------Anole hot runner

Hot runner system is consist of nozzle,manifoldand the temperature controller box.Hot runner system now is becoming the perfect way of injection moulding structure.

The working priciple of hot runner system:Install the heaters in the plastic mould,Controll the heating and the temperature to keep the mould sprue in a molten state.This looks like the injection molding machine extends its fort to the product cavity's plastic point,make the products more direct relaxed to shape.

Generally speaking,hot runner system contains:
Internal heating system(COOL ONE)
External heating system:1.single point nozzle hot runner system (HOT SPRUE BUSHINGS)
2.multipoint nozzles hot runner system (HOT ONE/GATE-MATE)
3.valve gate nozzle hot runner system (POLYVALUE)

Why there comes hot runner system technology?
What advantages would hot runner system technology bring to us?Most people who acquainted with injection craft knows conventional injection moulding would appear disadvantages usually as follows:
1.Difficulty in filling mould
2.Thin wall deformation of the big parts
3.Waste of raw materials
4.different quality of the cavities mould injection molded parts

With the development of the hot runner,these problems are provide a relatively complete solutions.In general,Adopt the hot runner will bring the following advantages:
1.Save the raw material,reduce the cost.
2.Decrease the molding cycle,develop the working efficiency
3.Improve the products surface quality and the machanical property                             
4.Use the pin point gate without the three board type mould
5.Make it economical through side gate molding single product
6.Increased automation.
7.Available valve gate control gate frozen
8.consistently cavities mould injection molded parts quality
9.Improve the beauty degrees of injection products surface


However every technology usually exist its shortcoming,let alone the hot runner system.
1.The complex structure of mould,high cost,so the high maintenance cost
2.Begin to work need some time to process to be stable, cause more waste.
3. Appear the melt leak,heating element fault, make big effects on the product quality and production progress

For these three shortcomings,we should pay more attention,through purchase superior quality heating element,manifold and nozzle.using carefully,can reduce the appearance of these unfavorable condition.

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Wecome all the leaders visit Anole injection technology Co.,Ltd


Wecome all the leaders visit Anole injection

technology Co.,Ltd

Welcome all the leaders from zhejiang province,district and out of district visit our company to have a investigate and survey.

All leaders explicitly pointed out that, Anole own good development in the future, the production of products meet the national standards, hot runner is widely used for die and mould industryplays a significant role in the Chinese market.

Anole's chairman said Anole will take the quality as the first development targets, safe production, develops the innovation unceasingly, Anole will try its best to be the first development status of china hot runner industry.
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Anole capability


Anole capability

Congratulations to Anole!
Anole injection technology Co.,Ltd made the most for continuous outstanding, with the interests of its clients for the biggest development requirements,Improve the production efficiency, and create more profits,constantly innovation, reform their own level of productivity,
Anole injection technology Co.,Ltd has cooperated with sino mould for about 11years. Here are a set out for four cavity about the container mould and the hot runner.

Now Anole launched a set out for four cavity about the container of hot runner system. Anole stick to the development of their faith, has become one of the largest supplier of hot runner in China.
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