hot runner system
hot runner system
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Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
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plastic crate industry rapid development



 Recent year,the plastic crate industry develop very rapidly.It also promots the mould industry’s development,as well as the hot runner used in the mould.
Last Novenber, the plastic products productions is 49.2105 million tons, up 21.11% from the last year earlier.
According to relevant statistics, last September, gross plastic industry mainly import and export goods customs accumulative total of $37.338 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 12.92% last year.
September plastic products exports of 8.6571 million tons, 11.146 million tons dropped 22.32% than the same period last year;
But exports to $24.989 billion, plastic box of $21.621 billion increased by 15.58% than the same period last year.
The statistics on the one hand reflects the decline in exports and the current situation of inflation, also reflects the sustained growth in domestic demand.
Sino holding group is specializing in the production of various kinds of plastic crates and hot runner system enterprise
There are kinds of crates in the market, different face looks , the quality of miscellaneous.
That how a crate can meet clients requirements and maximum reduce the cost?
Always hold "quality first, service first" business philosophy, and continuously research and development of new plastic box folding box, shelled out many a pound in the industry, established our own position.
We can provide you not only high quality crate ,but aslo excellent hot runner system.
Any question welcome to contact me freely . Thank you.


post by Ashley





Anole hot runner advantages


Anole hot runner advantages

When mould maker choose a hot runner brand, they will consider many factors, such as price, raw material, evaluation, heater elements and process precision and so on. Why Anole hot runner was honored as one of the best quality hot runner China. just because of Anole hot runner advantages: quick start-up, consistent part quality, superior uptime and faster cycle tunes. All from a completely reliable system without the traditional hot runner downtime. We understand customers need – and we have delivered on them with the Anole series. It guarantees the unsurpassed performance, reliability and value you have been asking for from your hot runner supplier.
we know the hot runner mould structures and performance, so we adequate consideration of hot runner solution to prevent fusion line, scar, cleaning degree of the runner. You will get the industry’s most technologically advanced hot runner system.
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Hot Runner technology in China


Hot runner technology is a advanced technology in the injection craft process. Hot runner system is installed on the plastic injection mould. Since 1940, the first HR system patent ,hot runner technology is rapidly develop in China. Hot runner technology is a dynamic application technology. Hot runner mould maker can better use hot runner system. Hot runner technology in China is still on the start stage. Although our hot runner application has 20 years history. Chinese hot runner technology is still continuous development and innovation.
In recent years,with development of auto,home appliance,plastic injection industry,mould industry is get rapidly development. In the same time,it also bring a good opportunity for hot runner runner technology in China get a significant breakthrough.Hot runner injection mould is the common ones in plastic injection mould.

But what is it advantages? And compare to cold runner mould,what’s it advantage?
Hot runner technology compare to cold runner mould,it has the below advantages:

Saving raw material and reduce the production costing.
Shorten the cycle time and improve the efficiency of the machine
Improve plastic products appearance and mechanical property
Using pin point gate without using three plate mould
Increase degree of automation

But,hot runner technology is also existing defect.

Mould structure is complex and manufacture cost is high and higher maintenance costing
Hot runner system sometime will appear leaking phenomena.
Heating elements is easy to broke.

In short,hot runner technology bring a lot of help for mould industry. We should fully use hot runner technology strengths and better develop hot runner systems. Anole is a Chinese brand hot runner system,we mainly use heating elements is from Germany GC&HOTSET. What we do and always do,is offer you the better products and service. Hot runner technology in China is get a rapidly developed.
Written by:Demi

Hot Runner system Leaking


Hot Runner system Leaking

For mould manufacturer,invention and application of hot runner system solve a lot of problem in mould making aspects.from GE plastics (pp and os)to engineering plastics(abs,pc,nylon). Manu plastics materials can process through hot runner system. Whereas,this technology also bring a part of trouble for mould manufacturer,hot runner system leaking is one of the problems. How to find hot runner system leaking phenomena? When hot runner leaking,the bad condition is the production will be forced to stop.
difference between the hot runner system is the way of melt heating divided into internal and external heating. According to it’s name suggests,external heating system is heated plastic material in the external, the raw material run through the channel without obstacles. External heating system solves the problem of dead center in the melt channel.
Hot runner system is the extend of injection machine and transmit the plastic material into each sprue in equally. In order to equally split the plastic material,the most effective way is to load a balanced manifold. This balanced mechanical can ensure each products balanced filling and avoid the flash and short injection phenomenon.Most hot runner system leaking is due to worker doesn’t operate and make according to design parameter. Leaking is usually happen between nozzle and manifold. As per normal hot runner system design,nozzle have a steel edge to ensure that the hot nozzle assembly height is lower than the actual groove of manifold. Purpose of design this size difference is to avoid damage the components when thermal expansion and this size difference is also called cold clearance. If don’t this cold clearance,thermal expansion will damage the nozzle edge.
Hot runner leakage is happen when system lack of seals. To ensure system seals(including nozzle and manifold),worker must heat the system arrive the manipulate temperature. Some unexperienced worker operate the machine when temperature is still low or forget open temperature controller.Leaking also happen when over heating.
So,it is very important to follow the hot runner design. Also,choosing a professional hot runner company is also important to a mould maker. Anole hot runner maybe is your best choice,we have many experienced engineer and designer. You will find more information about why hot runner system leaking or any hot runner using problem.

Written by:Demi

How to solve a flashed hot manifold?


How to solve a flashed hot manifold?

Hot manifold has many varieties.A good hot manifold will be directly influence a hot runner system function.The most common hot manifold flashed phenomena is smoke comes out from cavity plate or molten plastic flashed form some unexpected place. Hot manifold flashed problem will caused by many factors. Such as during mould production process,press plate don’t fully cooperate with hot manifold. Or heating and thermocouple shortcircuit. According to these problem.plastic products processing plant need frequent check and service mould before mould defects showing.
But how to solve a flashed hot manifold? And how to clean a flashed hot manifold?
Many processing plant,once find hot manifold flashed phenomena,they will disassemble the mould to check and repair. It seems not worth to lead equipment shut down. In fact,when hot manifold begin to flashed phenomenon,we need only to take 8~10 hours to clean up. It will effectively avoid to spend a few days late to check the hot runner manifold defects.
The main 5 stage for hot manifold flashed solution:

  1. Disassemble
  2. Clean
  3. Check and analysis break down factors
  4. Reassemble
  5. Final check

We could through these five stage to plan hot manifold flashed solution.But first,we should find flashed factors. We could put some red plastic resin and other color resin in the end of the injection nozzle and inject 2~4times to assure where place happen leakage. Then disassemble the press plate and show the manifold back and observe the flow path of the colored plastic resin.If the seals capability between manifold and nozzle is in bad condition,molten plastic will flow along the smallest resistance. In the beginning of appearing flashed surrounding ,most plastic resin will burns and degradation.It is most easy way to find where leakage.
When find where flashed,the next steps is how t clean a flashed hot manifold?
In general, after a period of using,we need to clean manifold component. We could use mould assemble time to clean flashed slice and residue etc. You also need to notice that every time open and close machine the shape of gate and valve needle wether have block phenomenon.

Anole is a professionalhot runner maker and we will offer you a hot manifold flashed solution in the same time.If you have any questions,please do not hesitate to contact me at

Written by Demi

Hot Runner System Injection Strengths


Hot runner mould production is extremely active in the developed industry country. Many foreign mould engineers have rich experience in hot runner system technology.In China,hot runner mould is still in infancy but it growing fast in recent years. Hot runner system is comprised of nozzle,manifold and hot runner temperature controller box. Hot runner nozzle can divided into pin point gate nozzle,direct gate nozzle,valve gate nozzle.
Why hot runner system technology is so hot in the mould industry? What is hot runner system injection strengths?
At present,hot runner mould is receive great popularity in the developed industry country and regions. Hot runner system injection strengths has following advantages:

  • Shorten plastic parts molding cycle

Hot runner system advantages is that it can shorten plastic parts molding cycle,because there is no limit to the gating system cooling time. Many hot runner mould cycle time for produce thin-walled parts can controlled under 5 seconds.

  • Saving plastic material


Hot runner system can save plastic material,that's mean do not produce wasted material. In fact,most international hot runner manufacturers get rapidly development in the expensive plastic material years. Hot runner technology is a effective way to save money and plastic material.

  • Reduce wasted products and rise products quality

In the hot runner mould molding process,molten plastic is precise controlled by hot runner system. Plastic can uneven run into each mould cavity. In this case,we can get good quality plastic products. Many high quality products in the market is produced by hot runner,such as MOTOROLA mobile phone,HP printing,DELL netbook computer.

  • Automotive produce

Plastic products do not need fix gate.

  • Expand injection molding craft application range

Many advanced plastic injection craft is develop on the hot runner technology,such as PET pre-molding . For PET Preform mould,we usually use the valve gate nozzle to produce. Valve gate nozzle can improve the surface quality and with a good adaptability for material.

Writen by Demi

Multi cavity runner system


In order to make the balance hot runner,runner balance is important for the mould processing.Runner system type be the main key for the mould multi cavity.

In one mould multi-cavities injection molding system,keep the melt plastic flowing balanced in the injection runner system is very important.It is directly affect the each cavity filling time,injection pressure,holding pressure and the volume balanced shrinkage.Will affect the product quality.During the hot runner system design,Under the restriction factors of multi-cavities layout,gate position,mould plate dimension and processing technology,each cavity can not reach ideal state.

Through using the moldflow software analysis and optimize for the hot runner design,that can help to make the multi-cavities realize balanced injection,even at not balanced runner layout,thus ensure the multi-cavities product precision and quality uniformly.

post by Tina

Over molding hot runner system technology


Over molding hot runner system technology

Over molding: which means two model plastic materials inject through an injection molding machine. It need injection and molding twice but only need once mould stripping mould. generally, this mould technology is also called bi-color mould.
Bi-color mould usually have two moulds, one is assembled on the machine fixed plate, and the other is on rotation plate. both of the two moulds core are the same. The only difference is on the cavities. After the first color injection over, open the mould and rotate 180 degree to inject second color. In the meanwhile, on the other side, first color is injecting. After second color injection finished, over molding products will be done. Later, every cycle time will have one-shot products.
During a production run of plastic inejection molded components, a number of different colored components may be required. The variety of color offered to the product designer, coupled with just in time manufacturing principle have increased the frequency with which color changes are required during a production run.
In order to change from one color to another, it’s necessart to remove all traces of the first color from the injection molding system. This is normally achieved by introducing the new color to the system in order to puch out the old color. The efficiency with which the change over from one color to the next can be achieved can be a critical cost factor.
Over molding hot runner system technology is an integral part of the mold, which can contain a sizable quantity of polymer in relation to the part. We are professional of the Bi-color hot runner system. Here we introduce Sino mould. sino moud is a bi-color mould supplier.
written by: Candy

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Hot runner using key matter


A good hot runner system request many factors to ensure during hot runner application.The hot runner temperature control and hot runner balance is the key factor for the plastic injection molding time.

1.Hot runner temperature control
Plastic temperature control is very important for the hot runner mould.Many production processing and product quality problem comes from bad hot runner temperature control.If possible try to select the hot runner temperature control system can realize respectively and multi-zone control to increase the flexibility of the use and strain capacity.

2.Plastic flowing balance control
Weld plastic in the hot runner system should keep balanced.Gate request to make the plastic fill to the cavities.For the components weight markedly different,we'd better make pouring gate dimension design balance.Otherwise,there will exist some components short of mould filling and pressure holding,some parts would appear excessive mould filling and pressure holding,flash,bad quality and etc.Hot runner gate dimension design should be reasonable.Small dimension will lead mould filling pressure over loss,Big dimension will lead the hot runner large volume,that makes the plastic in the hot runner system for a long time.Damaged material performance parts can not meet the use requirements after molding.

post by Tina

High quality hot runner supplier


As one of hot runner supplier in China,Anole stand high quality hot runner brand runner is one of the injection mould runner,and it has its unique hot runner advantage depend on hot runner elements.

Anole stands high quality hot runner supplier,stick to high quality production concept.
Anole adopt high quality Imported German heating elements,Owns big improvement for the material and technology field.

Recently,Anole hot runner develop a new type hot runner structure.Heat insulation effect and heating effect is very good.Help customer save the maintenance cost and reduce problem.The china-portugal technology, providing customers with one-stop service. Welcome customer make detail consultation.

Post by Tina

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