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Thermocouple Installation Requirements
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Thermocouple is a temperature measurer that common used in temperature measurement instrument. Thermocouple is directly measure temperature and convert temperature signals into thermoelectric emfs signal. Thermocouple working principle is ease,but we should notice thermocouple installation requirements.

Thermocouple installation requirements is accurate temperature measurement,safety examination and convenient maintenance. In the same time,thermocouple installation required that don’t affect the equipment operation and production operations. To meet the above requirements,in selection of thermocouple of the installation and insertion depth,we should pay attention to the following points:


In order to make the measurement end of thermocouple has sufficient heat exchange between the measured medium. We should choose a reasonable measuring location and try to avoid installing in the valve,elbow and pipe.

 Thermocouple Installation Requirements

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With a protection casting thermocouple has function of heat transfer and heat loss . In order to reduce the measurement error.thermocouple should have insert in enough depth.

For measurement of pipeline center fluid temperature,we generally inserted thermocouple measurement end into pipe center. Just for a example,if measured fluid pipe diameter is 200mm,the thermocouple should be inserted depth should choose 100mm.

For high temperature and high pressure and high velocity of temperature measurement (such as main steam temperature). In order to reduce cases of fluid resistance and protection to prevent break under the action of the fluid. We can use hot thermocouple or shallow insert thermocouple. Shallow insert temperature protection tube,its depth into the steam pipe should be no less than 75mm; hot set standard thermocouple insert depth is 100 mm.

Thermocouple installation requirements is thermocouple measurement end insert in a certain depth.Anole hot runner is a professional hot runner manufacturer in China.We use GC&HOTSET heating elements and we are the agent of GC&HOTSET.

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