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Hot Runners Quality

Anole implement the QC quality mentality strictly. We always take the quality as the key of company development, pursuit standardization and zero defect quality management for hot runners manufacturing. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is raised to the core of our quality management mentality.

Anole Hot Runners always keep the principle:

Anole hot runner system quality principle:"Start with Customer requirements, End with Customer satisfaction".

Systematic Management 

Anole hot runners established a firmly sense of quality,comprehensive quality management mentality,application the sense of quality into all aspects of management work: Quality consciousness, quality analysis,Quality control,Quality guarantee,Quality improvement,implement strictly to the quality management system.

Standardize Process

 Adopt scientific quality management, and each procedure must be inspected before enter into next processing step,eliminate defects into next processing to make sure 100% qualified hot runners systems.

Procision Measure

Implement the quality standard strictly to the quality management system,and eliminate all the non-conforming hot runners products.

Persistence Improve

Carry out the quality measurement work qualitatively and quantitatively.Quantify the quality standard to judge the merits of the work quality and management level.

Professional Team

Manage the relation between quality and quantity.Make sure complete the certain quantity,but pay much more attention to the quality.

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