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How To Identify Plastic Product Quality?
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The progress of science and technology, the continuous development of logistics industry, high quality plastic product industry is booming, in particular, the product increasingly diversity,than how can we pick up a good foldable crate from so many products? The good quality product based on the good injection system,hot runner system plays very important role.

Purchasing the plastic crate one of the most important thing is the quality.Should consider from the following aspects and then make a wise choice

1.Has a good bear ability,it will not deformation after a period time.

have a certain impact toughness to prevent accidental cause casing rupture to damage products.

2, has the good chemical and physical properties, won't because the summer heat outside and cause the deformation of plastic turnover box, not because the plastic tray uneven, leading to casing deformation.

3.when the day is cold ,the temperature drop extremely thep plastic crate will ont be brittle,avoid cause damage.

4. has the very good resistance to aging performance, basically be to see whether or not a pure polyethylene manufacturing, whether there are related to the inspection certificate.

5.a large proportion of the plastic crate are used in the food processing industry,so we should choose some big manufactures,they can solve the quality,health problem and other factors very well.

6, corrosion resistance, plastic turnover box should have good corrosion resistance, not because of the strong acid, strong alkali and chemical nature of the change.

When purchasing plastic crate shoule consider the above 6 factors, choose a suitable for their own products can effectively save purchase cost, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

We can provide you good quality foldable crate ,as well as hot runner system .Any question pls contact me freely ,I am sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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