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Hot Runner Technology In China
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Hot runner technology is a advanced technology in the injection craft process. Hot runner system is installed on the plastic injection mould. Since 1940, the first HR system patent ,hot runner technology is rapidly develop in China. Hot runner technology is a dynamic application technology. Hot runner mould maker can better use hot runner system. Hot runner technology in China is still on the start stage. Although our hot runner application has 20 years history. Chinese hot runner technology is still continuous development and innovation.

In recent years,with development of auto,home appliance,plastic injection industry,mould industry is get rapidly development. In the same time,it also bring a good opportunity for hot runner technology.hot runner technology in China get a significant breakthrough.Hot runner injection mould is the common ones in plastic injection mould.


But what is it advantages? And compare to cold runner mould,what’s it advantage?

Hot runner technology compare to cold runner mould,it has the below advantages:


Saving raw material and reduce the production costing.

Shorten the cycle time and improve the efficiency of the machine

Improve plastic products appearance and mechanical property

Using pin point gate without using three plate mould

Increase degree of automation


But,hot runner technology is also existing defect.


Mould structure is complex and manufacture cost is high and higher maintenance costing

Hot runner system sometime will appear leaking phenomena.

Heating elements is easy to broke.


In short,hot runner technology bring a lot of help for mould industry. We should fully use hot runner technology strengths and better develop hot runner systems. Anole is a Chinese brand hot runner system,we mainly use heating elements is from Germany GC&HOTSET. What we do and always do,is offer you the better products and service. Hot runner technology in China is get a rapidly developed.

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