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Hot Runner System Color Changing
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Hot runner mould has advantages of time-saving,stable quality and high efficiency.

Hot runner failure problem affects it’s wide application. In hot runner mould design and application,

we should consider and pay attention to many questions,such as hot runner system refuelling problem ,hot runner system color changing.

Therefore,get to know the hot runner mould notice will help us successful apply hot runner mould technology.


A good hot runner system color changing solution is very necessary for a plastic products manufacturer.

hot runner system color change process is refer to new material directly pushing out all stranded materials

in the runner and whole move forward. So it’s easy to clean . In contrary,if new material viscosity is lower the

material is easy to run into the stranded materials center and separate the stranded material is step by step.

Therefore,hot runner system color change process is more trouble.

If stranded material viscosity is much more sensitive for temperature.

In operation,worker can appropriate rise the temperature to reduce viscosity in order to speed up hot runner system color changing.

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