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Traditional Mould And Hot Runner Mould
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Hot runner mould is so widely used at present, mainly because it has the incomparable virtues than the traditional mold:

1, expanding the scope of the injection molding process application.

Many advanced plastic forming technology is developed based on hot runner technology.

2, save the plastic materials.

In pure hot runner mold because there is no cold runner, so there is no waste.

This is especially important significance for reduce raw material costs.

In fact, the main international hot runner manufacturers have the violent development in the period of the oil and the raw plastic material are expensive.

Because of hot runner technology can reduce the waste is an effective way to reduce the cost of raw materials;


3, eliminate the follow-up process, be helpful for production automation.

Parts after molding mould of hot flow path is the finished product, do not need to trim the gate and recycling processing cold runner and other processes. Be helpful for production automation;

4 shorten the molding cycle.

Because there is no limit to the gating system, cooling time, the plastic products after curingcan be out in a timely manner.Many hot runner used thin-wall parts the molding cycle time can be under 5 seconds.

5, reduce the waste, improve product quality.

In the process of hot runner molding, plastic melt temperature in the runner system was controlled accurately. Plastic can flow uniform state of each cavity, so as to produce consistent parts.

In addition, the gate of hot runner molding parts are of good quality and low residual stress after demoulding, deformation small.

So a lot of high quality products on the market are manufactured by hot runner mould.


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