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Hot Runner Temperature Decline
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When the heating the hot runner but the temperature decline, the mainly reason is caused by the thermocouple reverse connect. So please check the thermocouple wires and adjust.


1.Check cable connection is in order;

2.Check whether the hot runner thermocouple open circuit;

3.Check whether there is any damage on cable to ground short circuit;

4.Check whether the hot runner heater short circuit;

5.Check if mould is leaking oil, if it is because of mould is leaking problem, all the area temperature setting within 100 ℃ heating unt dry out il it, boot reboot can be ok.

6.Confirm the set hot runner temperature has been adjusted (higher than room temperature).

temperature controller

Hot Runner Temperature Decline

Hot Runner Temperature Decline-2

After find out the reason and solve problem, restart again.

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