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How To Improve Plastic Mould High Speed Injection Capacity
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Good plastic material, filling system need special auxiliary injection molding hot runner system, because the production of durable need low melt index of HDPE material, such as melt index for 4 or 6 and so on.

Achieve the best effect, to ensure that the cooling system.

To produce durable foldable crate mold, must make the mold's biggest molding cooling water on the surface of the optimal design.

But one-time turnover box mold production, must use the steel material with excellent cooling waterway design.

Select run high-speed injection molding machine mold, injection capacity screw rotational speed (RPM) must be greater than 350.

Most of the plastic crate manufacturers in the world with accumulator injection speed increase the melt.

foldable plastic crate mold design also is very important.

Turnover box mold ejection way is best design for mechanical system automatic ejection, so when the mold cavity can finish top is out of action.

And, of course, if the injection molding machine can be equipped with two hydraulic drive machine automatic ejection, mould ejection movement can be more smoothly.

For different types of mold, in order to realize high speed injection.Mould must be high precision, parts must have a accurate orientation function,as the hot runner system must be excellent.otherwise the mould it is impossible to have high speed operation performance.

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