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Hot Runner Preparatory Steps
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Because of hot runner mould is able to develop production effective efficiency and reduce cost, it becomes more and more popular in plastic molding line. In order to give expression to its value, we should make use of hot runner mould reasonable. In that way, what preparatory work are we doing?

Before hot runner mould production operating, we’d better do the following hot runner preparatory steps:

1. That the correct connection between temperature controller and injection mould, injection molding machine power source.

2. That the correct connection of hydraulic pressure and compressed air catheter, if have.

3. Boot up the machine to checkout action of its parts, includes opening mould, clamping mould, ejecting, resetting, etc.

4. Checkout mould safety performance reliability.

Then, follow the steps to get start hot runner mould:

1. Start up temperature controller box to be warming the hot runner to normal temperature.

2. Heat up injection molding machine-charging barrel to set temperature.

3. Adopt die temperature machine to warming mould temperature.

4. In the condition of new or cleaning system, melt plastic material will fill hot runner system in very lower pressure.

5. Set injection machine t a proper value.

Hot runner mould attention: system cannot open in high pressure to clean the runner. It will damage the seals and electric conductor. In the meanwhile, we should pay attention to the runner leakage if it has any leakage. The production can be assured to processing normally when everything is OK.

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