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Subsurface Gate
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Subsurface gate is one of cold runner mould gate series,plays important role in the plastic molding.In the mould design,this runner gate used more.


In the recent mould making industry,A lot of mold adopts the subsurface gate.But a lot of people not familiar with this type gate,even for the mould gate.Subsurface gate also called tunnel gate.This type of gate used more in the cold runner mould or hot half runner.Today we will discuss about this type gate,lets make better understanding.

Subsurface Gate

The subsurface gate is a circular or oval gate which submerges and 'feeds' into the impression below the parting surface of the mould.The Form.being in one mould plate,has no matching problems and precise dimensions can be achieved.If the more oval form is used the filling rate if the impression can be controlled independently of the gate seal time.


A secondary runner,usually of conical form,is machined at an angle Φ to the impression wall and is stopped short of the impression wall by a distance L(Note that this corresponds to the gate land length).The dimension for the gate cross-section can be estimated from either the equation suggested for the rectangular gate(see above),if an oval gate is adopted,or the equation for the pin gate(see above),if the circular gate is used.


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