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Balanced Hot Runner
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Choose a balanced hot runner system for hot runner mould,not only on hot runner nozzle quality,but also runner balanced type is very important for multi cavity mould.


Generally,adopt runner plate hot runner system equipt with multiple nozzles,In order to ensure the plastic products quality,No matter forming a product in a multi cavity mould and different product with multi cavity mould,or multi injection points with single cavity forming,realize the melt plastic balanced filling in the mould is really very important.


During the melt plastic mold filling,adopt two ways to realized mold filling balanced.One is natural balance.Depend on the equal flow path design the hot runner system,offer the natural or geometric balanced.The other one is the rheology balance,design the hot runner system on the basis of same pressure for each injection point.For different flow diameter length of flow channel section compensation, based on rheological theory of calculating the income balance.

Balanced Hot Runner

One thing need to aware that the geometric balanced runner design is obtain under the condition of a certain technological conditions and materials, injection molding machine.If the real production material or technology changed,all will make originally balanced flow design filling imbalance problems.

Choose natural balance will make the runner plate inside runner path longer,and the waste the injection pressure,that also will make the material staying in the runner longer.So there is not exist absolute balance of the hot runner.


So when using the hot runner system,The runner balance should consider more to reach a high quality system.Anole hot runner company is professional hot runner manufacture in china.we will help you design the perfect relative balanced hot runner system.Anole will try our best to meet customers complete satisfication.If you have new project in hand or require consultation,please feel free to contact me.

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