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Multi Tip Hot Nozzle
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In order to make the balance hot runner Multi Tip Hot Nozzle,runner balance is important for the mould processing.Runner system type be the main key for the mould multi cavity.

For some medical supplies or small product requirement factory,Products fully automated production always is a technical problem.For such products,common hot runner system cannot achieve best mould layout,that will make the mold layout very big and increase the mould cost.

Multi Tip Hot Nozzle

Anole hot runner now successfully develop a new type multi tip nozzle,it has put into normal production.It's the balanced runner,Use one nozzle with multi tip can inject multi-cavity small parts.This type nozzle with stable performance has obtain customer always praise and successfully adopted into customer's supplier system.Later on the syringe project,this type multi-tip nozzle reach a major breakthrough.On the basis of the development of the multi-tip nozzle,the oblique nozzle comes out,and success in the mold testing on Nov 3th,2012.At present,this set of hot runner is working very well in the foreign market.

Anole hot runner in order to provide customer high quality system,always do the research to develop exisiting system to meet customers complete satisfication.If you have new project in hand or require consultation,please feel free to contact me.


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