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How To Solve A Flashed Hot Manifold?
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Hot manifold has many varieties.A good hot manifold will be directly influence a hot runner system function.The most common hot manifold flashed phenomena is smoke comes out from cavity plate or molten plastic flashed form some unexpected place. Hot manifold flashed problem will caused by many factors. Such as during mould production process,press plate don’t fully cooperate with hot manifold. Or heating and thermocouple shortcircuit. According to these problem.plastic products processing plant need frequent check and service mould before mould defects showing.

But how to solve a flashed hot manifold? And how to clean a flashed hot manifold?

Many processing plant,once find hot manifold flashed phenomena,they will disassemble the mould to check and repair. It seems not worth to lead equipment shut down. In fact,when hot manifold begin to flashed phenomenon,we need only to take 8~10 hours to clean up. It will effectively avoid to spend a few days late to check the hot runner manifold defects.

The main 5 stage for hot manifold flashed solution:




Check and analysis break down factors


Final check

We could through these five stage to plan hot manifold flashed solution.But first,we should find flashed factors. We could put some red plastic resin and other color resin in the end of the injection nozzle and inject 2~4times to assure where place happen leakage. Then disassemble the press plate and show the manifold back and observe the flow path of the colored plastic resin.If the seals capability between manifold and nozzle is in bad condition,molten plastic will flow along the smallest resistance. In the beginning of appearing flashed surrounding ,most plastic resin will burns and degradation.It is most easy way to find where leakage.

When find where flashed,the next steps is how t clean a flashed hot manifold?

In general, after a period of using,we need to clean manifold component. We could use mould assemble time to clean flashed slice and residue etc. You also need to notice that every time open and close machine the shape of gate and valve needle wether have block phenomenon.


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