hot runner system
hot runner system
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Hot runner manifold structure design


 Hot runner manifold structure design

Hot runner manifold is a part that must individualized design in hot runner system. A good hot runner system depend on hot runner manifold structure design. Hot runner manifold design must consider the following aspects:
port hole size and flow path;
Hot runner thermal expansion
Multi-cavities manifold rheology balance theory
Manifold steel material choosing

Hot runner manifold adopt of small diameter runner,this design is reduce heat-sensitive plastic melt residence time in the runner and guarantee filling quality. Hot runner manifold use big diameter runner can transfer the pressure and it’s benefit for big parts products injecting and molding. Big diameter runner is suit for high viscosity plastic. Hot runner manifold structure design avoid arising death end in conner of runner and nozzle.
Runner diameter and length design should consider the following factors:
allowing pressure less than 35MPa.
Every time after finish shooting,clearly clean the melt plastic in the runner.
Melt plastic flow time from injection machine screw to mould cavity is equal to 10%~20% plastic decomposing time.

In hot runner manifold structure design,hot runner system normally adopt of circular flow channel section because manifold is processed by drilling holes.Hot runner manifold processing need handle care,even a scrap iron left in the runner,it will influence the whole hot runner system operating.Anole is a professional hot runner manufacturer. We have our own QA department to ensure every step in hot runner system processing is safe and conform the drawing size.

Writen by :Demi

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