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hot runner system
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Reason of material leak

Any reason causes the hot runner material leak in the majority situations, not because error design, because it has not deferred to the design variable in the operation.
Usually, material leaks occur in seal  between the hot mouth and the manifold. According to the common hot runner design standard, it has a steel edge in the hot spure, it may guarantee that the hot spure is smaller than highly on the hot runner manifold actual trough is deep. The reason that must design during this size the difference (usually to be called cold gap), the goal is to avoid the heat expansion not damaging the part when in operating.
For example: Regarding a 60mm thick manifold and a 40mm hot sprue (gross altitude is 100mm), when temperature increment to 230℃ , usually will inflate 0.26mm. If does not have the cold gap, the heat expansion will often create the hot sprue failure. Therefore, the effective seal has not been causes the hot runner under the cooling condition to leak the material the primary cause. Usually, for guarantee system's seal (hot sprue and manifold), must heat up the system to the operating temperature,  thus prevents the injection molding pressure to go against two parts. Generally,  operator who lack experience often can not waiting system  to achieve the operating temperature, what will be worse, they even possibly forgot that will open the heating system. Thus, even it has the cold gap ,when hot runner before achieved its operating temperature,  the pressure from the surface is also unable to prevent to leak the material. Moreover, the material leak also occurs in the over heating  situation . As a result of hot sprue edge low  expansion compatibility, when sysytem was over heating, once reduces again for the operating temperature time, as a result of the steel distortion's influence, the seal pressure which it produces is unable to prevent divulging. In this kind of situation, not noly material leak caused system failure, but also oversized pressure to the hot mouth creates the unrecoverable damage , thus need to  transfer hot sprue. Because the hot sprue and the manifold preload is important,  therefore must observe the size  strictly to the hot runner supplier provides, then can prevent the system to leak the material effectively.
 Hot sprue design option prevents the material leak  
 Manifold  and hot sprue seal  designs to each kind of different hot sprue. It has the steel edge, no antidrip function design. This kind of design seals no own initiative under the cooling condition, also no overheated protects, its operating temperature scope is ±27℃. The hot sprue back is fixed on the manifold, fixes the hot sprue on the mainifold may prevent leak under the cooling condition divulging. Because the steel edge needs certain expansion space under the normal temperature, therefore this system must have the cold gap. Although this method can prevent the melting stock from the hot sprue to manifold in divulging, but is actually unable to prevent part's heat expansion under the overheated condition , its operating temperature scope is ±27℃. One kind way both economy and effective, suitably in locule number system. Because is fixed using the bolt on the  hot sprue may movement together with manifold, therefore this kind of design has the smallest length request to the hot sprue, also has the limit to the cavity spacing. The hot sprue edge uses the elasticity, but the non-steel design, the spring edge may provide the preload under the cooling condition, and may prevent the system to damage. If heats up excessively because of the accident, it may also absorb the heat expansion, its operating temperature scope may expand ±110℃.
How to discover the material leak
Usually in situation, the people are very difficult to discover whether the hot runner material leak happened, because is unable te see radically from the mold . But if observes carefully, it can discover through some signs. Generally, when establishes a brand-new hot runner, it may contain  injection molding quantity times, for example, if melts the road to be possible to contain three injection molding quantities (each time to inject quantity for melt/cavity's capacity), then after three injections, in the cavity should already have the melting stock. If does not have, the material leak may happened in the manifold. When begins using the hot frunner, must guarantee that the injection quantity is established correctly on the machine. In the operating process, another sign is the partial cavities or the product sufficient material is incomplete. It is because the leak in the manifold, caused the product injection molding not to be full. On injection molding machine's control interface, this kind of situation demonstration for technological parameter sudden change. If the operator suspected that material leak existence, then should close the injection machine immediately, after systems cool, carries on the inspection again. After t cleaning up system and examines leaks the material reason, also should inspect all parts. This is because the overheated temperature or the cleaning up process have the possibility to create  part's damage. If discovered that the part is damaged, should replace the part immediately.
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Excellent hot runner supplier

In the injection molding production, decided whether to use the hot runner system  in any situation to be more economical, usually needs considered from the technical factor and the economic agent two aspects.
1st, technical factor
From the technical angle judges whether to use the hot runner system, generally needs makes the decision together by the product development personnel and the mold manufacturer. In the judgment process, may invite the hot runner system supplier to participation discusses and provides the essential technical support. In ordinary circumstances, regarding certain large-scale, thin wall injection molding product or structure complex product, for example large-scale television's shell, automobile bumper, air conditioning face guard and so on, when uses the cold runner mold is unable to take shape or the formation very difficulty, the hot runner system usually is the first choice technological means; Some injection molding product, although uses the cold runner mold also to be able to take shape smoothly, but stems from to the product certain performance request, for example mechanical properties, superficial artistry, optics request, shape and structure stable and so on, often needs to use the hot runner system to improve the plastic the fluidity; Specially, if use pin valve type hot runner system, but may also through to the time active control, the change cementing mark distribution, even eliminates the cementing mark. 2nd, economic agent From the economical angle decided whether to use the hot runner system, usually is with the economical repayment which its brings carries on the hot runner system's purchasing expense the comparison. In the actual inspection, needs to carry on the computation contrast according to the product manufacturing special details. Aspect and so on additional profit which the supposition in one year complete production cycle, uses the hot runner system to bring the raw material saving of expense which, the energy conservation expense, the production efficiency enhancement as well as the mold scale expands produces sum totals to be bigger than purchases the hot runner system price 2 times, then the injection molding producer does not have the risk to the hot runner system's investment. In the choice and the use should pay attention question Chooses the hot runner system's key chooses the good supplier. Because the hot runner technology is a dynamic applied technology, it along with exploitation conditions' difference, has the very big variable. In the practical application, the system analysis and the application experience are frequently very important. Therefore, the supplier provides should not only be the hot runner product, more importantly, the supplier should also provide the system analysis and the thorough technical service, has contained the earlier period technical advisory work.
A qualified hot runner supplier, must have the basic condition is:
Has the specialized technical team and the service troop;
Has the legitimate general flow analysis software (for example the MoldFlow software). The hot runner supplier only then has the software supplier's technical support for a long time, can obtain the accurate analysis result. If uses pirates analyzes the software, gives the analysis report often in false, different with the general operating system software, those who analyze the software to provide is the engineering design basis and the security, but the general operating system software provides a working platform merely;
Has the precise numerical control processing equipment, makes the high accuracy the hot runner product;
Has many year rich application experiences;
Has the sufficient spare parts stock or spare parts manufacturing capacity.
Regarding the above basic condition, if lacks any link, has the possibility to cause the customer to the hot flow channel application defeat.
The injection molding producer when chooses the hot runner system, should pay attention to the following several points fully:
In the product development or the mold design stage, must express all specification fully as far as possible, and all engineering data will provide fully to the hot runner supplier, so that the supplier can obtain the enough design basis, achieves the best project objective; After the hot runner supplier provides the design paper, should unify own mold structure, scrutinizes carefully and confirmed. If acts according to the hot runner supplier's request, needs to carry on the processing to mold's certain spots, must carry on strictly according to the blueprint, otherwise, the small modification has the possibility to cause system's defeat .
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The application for hot runner mould


The application for hot runner mould

Hot runner mould is widely used in electronic, automotive, medical, daily necessities, toys, packaging, building, office equipment and so on various industrial departments are widely used.Hot runner mould is provide with high efficiency of injection,injection molded parts of good quality and saving material and etc advantages.With the develpment of polymer industry,hot runner injection technology is developing more and more perfect.,the range of the application is becoming more and more runner mould

Through the heating ways,hot runner of mould to ensure the runners and spure plastic keep melting state.As there is no tublar heater and heating coil near or center the hot runner.From the injection nozzle exist to the whole hot runner spure still in high position.make the platic of hot runner keep melting.
Generally,after downtime we do not need to open the hot runner and get the flow of the material out, just need to turn up the hot runner heating temperature to which runner mould



Hot runner injection molding method comes out in the 1950s.Experience for a long time after the promotion, its market share is rising year by year.In the middle of 1980s,Americans hot runner mould accounted for 15% of the total number of injection mould 15%-17%, 12%-15% for Europe, Japan is about runner mould

But by the 90 s, the production of plastic injection mould for the United States in the mould of hot flow path have accounted for more than 40%, in the large products of mould is more than runner mould

Anole hot runner supply for sino mould about 11 runner mould
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Hot runner mould design procedure


Hot runner mould design procedure

Hot runner mould design procedure,first ensure the feeding port according to the plasic parts and the using requirement.As long as the plastic parts structure allows,set block nozzle and nozzle head in the mould with molding structure would not constitute interference.Hot runner system feeding port can be placed on any position of plastic parts.Plastic injection molding feeding port of the position usually choosed according to experience.For large and complex plastic parts,injection molding feeding port can be applied to the position of computer aided analysis (CAE) simulation molten shaped plastic mold cavity flow situation, analyzes the cooling effect of each part of the mould, ensure the ideal feeding port position.Hot runner mould

Second, ensure the type of the hot runner nozzle head.plastic material and the using charater is the key factor to choose the nozzle head type.Also the
Plastic parts production batch and mould manufacturing cost is the important factor for nozzle head choice.Hot runner mould



Third, according to the production of plastic parts batch and injection equipment tonnage size, ensure each of the mould cavity number. Hot runner mould

Fourth, according to the feed of the position of each mode and the mouth cavity to determine the number of nozzle number. If choose one charging hopper, only need a nozzle, namely choose single head hot runner system; If choose a model more cavity or a cavity exactly two or more charging hopper to forming a product, then must need more nozzles, namely choose more hot runner system, but in some ways except for the cross-flow mould structure.Hot runner mould

Fifth,according to the plastic parts weight and the nozzle number, make sure the nozzle of the size of the radial dimensions. At present the same form of nozzle have multiple size series, respectively satisfy different weight within the scope of the plastic parts forming requirements. Hot runner mould

Sixth, according to the plastic parts structure to determine the mould structure size, again according to the set of mould set and the thickness of the template size selection nozzle length series standard size, finally decided the thickness of the template trim size and other and hot runner system related size. Hot runner mould

Seventh, according to the shape of the heat flow DaoBan determined the shape of hot runner fixed board, in its board decorate the power cord wire slot, and in the heat DaoBan, nozzles, nozzle near the cooling water head design enough loop. Hot runner mould

Eighth, complete hot runner system of plastic mold design drawing.Hot runner mould

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Why hot runner mould need testing mould?


Why hot runner mould need testing mould?

Most formed products drawback is cased by plasticzing and injection processing,and sometimes relevent to the mold design.The impact factors include:the cavity number, cold/hot runner system design,type of inject portal.location and dimension,and the structure of the runner mould

In order to aviod bring the drawback from the mold design,we need analysis the mold design and the technological parameter when we need to produce the mould.
After obtain the result of testing mould,(Hot runner mould),the operator usually need to assess the specific situation of mould and avoid to increasing the unnecessarily cost and timedie in the modified runner mould

In most cases, the evaluation also includes the machine in the process parameters Settings.That is,in order to make up the deficiency of the mould design, the operator may unknowingly was not correct Settings. (hot runner mould)In this case, the production equipment operation process is not normal, because production qualified products the needed parameters Settings range is very small, once the parameters set any small deviation, may result in the end product of quality far beyond the range of error allowed, and the resulting actual production cost often beforehand than the mold optimal costs of much runner mould

The purpose of the testing mould is to find out the optimization process parameters and mold design. So, even materials, machine set or environmental factors have changed, still can ensure a stable and continuous mass production of the environment, and not just to get a good sample. That's very runner mould

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Main runner nozzle


Main runner nozzle, also calls the central nozzle . The main flow  nozzle may  direct inject to molding plastic products cavity, also does not have the divergence and the manifold. This kind of hot runner nozzle is called as the single nozzle. Because it only has a hot runner nozzle in the mold injection process, it is the standard seriation hot flow  single  nozzle. Other kind of main runner nozzle's downstream, needs to diverge the plastic melt, also has many nozzle injection cavity, this is the multi nozzle hot runner system. Has the hot runner single  nozzle inject mold to decompose structure as shown in Figure 3-1. This kind of single nozzle commonly used four kind of runner form.


Figure 3-2 is the direct gate, other three kinds are a thimble type runner. Direct gate's single nozzle permission has the long thick plastic melt channel, leaves the large diameter material handle on the plastic. The direct runner single nozzle, the runner has the taper, advantageous leaves is also long the thick material handle. It can inject the big depth molded cavity shell, like barrel, box place and so on. In the main runner nozzle passage, the melt transmission's pressure loss is small, also does not have the divergence to say. Permission of injection cavity  when sufficient mold flowing has the long flow compared to, may inject the thin wall long flow the shell. Moreover this kind of single central positive runner, the formation shell orientation is good, also does not have the melt perfect fitting of seams.

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Valve gate controller


Valve gate controller

Good news for Anole:
Anole devotes itself to developing all kinds of hot runner products for mould industry and provide convenience for mould manufacturer. Create knowledge wealth for the society.
Recently, with many Anole engineers effort and careful study,after many research and experiment, and unremitting efforts, the success of the research and development of new a product comes out--Valve gate controller.
Here are some photos about the Valve gate controller.


Valve gate controller produced by Anole can controll and obtain long time can control the effective holding pressure.
Valve gate controller accurate control and shrink make the plastic solidification reliable, therefore,improve the quality of the molded plastic and sizes of the precision.



Instantly shut down the Valve gate controller,prevent the high pressure melt material of cavity mold flowing back,without leftover material.And this also limited the flow delay and drawing of the melt spure.

Valve gate controller is one of the Anole hot runner new products,Anole will try our best to develop our service and supply more mold maker.Anole will keep moving and will always keep you satified.Valve gate controller,welcome to inquiry.

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Hot runner temperature controller card operation panel instructions


Hot runner temperature controller card

operation panel instructions

Operation panel instructions
A.     display current temperature parameter mode; Display
 parameter serial number
B. alarm lamp
C. display set temperature; parameter mode: display concrete parameter
  Manual output mode; display manual output percent and electricity.
D. standby indicator light
E. manual indicator light
F. set values adjustment function keys (up)
G. set values adjustment function keys (down)
H. alarm information compatable
I. heating indicator
J. manual indicator
K. menu function setting
L. confirms and switches parameter
M.Power switch


1.       (1)Open power switch and turn into working condition preset

by manufacturer.

    (2)Press 【▲】【▼】to adjust temperature..
(3)Press 【SET】to check output percent..            
(4)Press 【SET】to check output electricity.
(5)Press 【MODE】to switch automatic, manual and standby mode.
(6)Manual mode: press 【▲】【▼】to adjust output percent.
(7)Restore factory setting: press 【MODE】whilst holding the 【SET】
to power off, reboot can restore factory setting.
(8)Automatic mode: operating mode in generally working condition, the
controller control the temperature in accordance with setting temperature.
(9)Manual mode: in particular cases (such as thermocouple fault), can
provide appropriately output setting to switch to manual mode and maintain
equipments operation until correct the fault. Press 【MODE】one minute to
start manual mode, press 【▲】【▼】to adjust output percent.
(10)Soft start mode: A. Prevent the heater strip wetted, and
the heater will be damaged by over electricity. The heater strip
is dehumidifier by using soft start mode (dehumidifier) function
in low voltage condition.

B. Test thermocouples and heaters in low electricity when starting



Menu setting: press 【MODE】twice, one minute per time and enter into
standby mode, the standby indicator lights up. Then, press SET key to start
menu setting.
(1)Menu set by user
 Press 【SET】to start menu.
 Press 【SET】parameter of the layer.
 Use 【▲】【▼】to switch parameters.
 Press【MODE】to save and log out menu when complete setting.

The menu page is shown on PV screen; setting number is shown

on SV screen.

Wrong indication meter:

set factory value:


Sequence temperature controller box |valve gate


The sequential controller applies in the valve gate type hot runner system, uses in controlling the mold injection time. It make the injection time of each nozzle under efficiency control in mold injection, and has the following superiority: 

•eliminate the fusion mark on the products surface, or reset product surface fusion mark position, thus achieves the quality improvement for forming product;

•through the way of adjust the injection quantity, improve the quality, prevent the phenomenon of defect or filling not arrived occurred.

•injection molding with sequential controller, all runners are not open at the same time, therefore it can be injection in the smallest clamping force situation;

•Through enhance injection's rate, enables the product flow marking to achieve the optimum condition




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Thermocouple/hot runner thermocouple


Thermocouple/hot runner thermocouple

Hot runner temperature controller system's controll object is the manifold and the nozzle,it also effect the spure area.
Thermocouple is the elements to test the tempeature.,and transfer the signal to the temperature adjustment machine.Control heater execution manifold and nozzle of warming and thermal compensation.
The principle of thermocouple testing temperature:Thermoelectric effect.Thermoelectric power E will change and change because of the temperature which tested.Therefore use thermocouple temperature as sensitive components, he or she can get it generated thermoelectric potential as a temperature measurement information.Generally in industry,the distinguish of two material groups of thermocouple called dividing number.Like S、R、B、K、N、E、J,and etc with 16 kinds.The difference of thermocouple  dividing number, the thermoelectric power
would be show different.Reflect on the meter has a few degrees on temperature,do not complex the way of connection.

First of all, we must clear dividing number, can input to the corresponding temperature regulator. Second, the thermocouple lead wire have polarity, must by cable shading and marking, the alignment wiring.Attention to the thermocouple wire weak electric potential output millivolt and can not mixed with the power line in high voltage heater In addition, heat resistance is another kind of testing temperature element. It is based on metal conductor resistance will with temperature changes.For the moment,the heat resistance is less used in the hot runner technology.At present,The mould using thermocouple has put the two metal working ends after welding.
On the external heating manifold,the thermocouple is located between the heaters and the flow port.On the internal heating manifold,the thermocouple is usually installed in the Tube great type with the heater.

In Anole hot runner,there are are two types of thermocouple.K type and J type.They are just the difference in the connection of the temperature controller box.The function and the quality are the same.
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