hot runner system
hot runner system
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CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
nhựa phun keo nóng|Hệ thống phun nhựa đuôi keo nóng nhà sản xuất

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Reasons for using hot runner system


Anole is a professional hot runner system which has extensively used in mould maker in china. reasons for using hot runner system can be noticed as follows.

First, Molding cycle is shortened, the channel is the connect of the injection molding machine and the gate of the products making .A cold runner,since the friction and heat loss of fluid moving , will cause the loss of the injection pressure, long cooling time molding, waste form. But all these things do not happened with hot runner system . Because the hot runner can shorten the distance from the nozzle and refined into plastic bits ,to avoid the loss of injection pressure in the flow of the cooling channel, saving cooling time, so that can shorten the molding cycle. Second , hot runner can save material , since all the channel of the system is the hot and, that ensure the material are all in the channel, so that we can save them. Third, hot runner can improve the products quality. plastics in cold runner in the process of filling channel will be damage , since the channel side wall is cold, cold air contact friction, make its head always cold material for a period of very poor quality, the cold material into the mold cavity, injection product will be defected. If you use hot runner these problems can avoid. Last but not the least, using hot runner , we do not need to cut the sprue by ourself. So that can help us improve the working speed and it is benefit for production a large quantity goods .

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Daily maintenance of hot runner system


The easiest damage part of hor runner system is the electrical parts. And it influence the service life of the whole system. So we should care much about it when it comes to Daily maintenance of hot runner system

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Before operation,we should make sure that the electrical system have a certain pressure and that we can ensure the temperature of the system and can Can effectively remove the heating element contains moisture, prevent the tube from explosion . That is why Hot runner system requires a temperature controller used with a soft start function. Temperature control is the center part of the hot runner system. In The Daily maintenance of hot runner system we should do not only prevent the electrical part from leaking , but also should care about the connect part of the nozzle and manifold from leaking, ensure that there is no leaking in manifold, no loose screws exact in the system and so on. Also if it is the valve gate nozzle, prevent the needle from ever wear, ensure the sealing rings are in good condition and valve needle valve sleeve for the drainage, and so on . On the template also check that contact with the hot runner system is a presence of subsidence and so on. If we ensure all these part, the hot runner system can be used longer then not.  

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Insulation of hot runner system


Hot runner systems are widely used in mould. And the most important part of it is the temperature control part . In order to keep plastic in the machining process of has been in a molten state, hot runner system must adopt various heating methods to keep the temperature. Temperature in this system is relatively high. But in order to get top quality plastic products, mould temperature must be below the glass transition temperature. So the Insulation of hot runner system is very important.

when designing moulds with hot runner system ,we must fully consider the insulation of between the injection machine and mold template bottom plate, runner plate and the bottom plate of the die, flow channel between the plate and the cavity plate, nozzle and the cavity plate .such as, between the injection machine and mold plate template, normally we use 6~10mm. Asbestos to insulate The air gap 3~8mm is often used for insulation between the runner plate and the cavity plate. The melting plastic or the air gap is often used to insulated between the nozzle and the cavity plate. Those are why insu;ation of the hot runner system is important.

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hot runner system application


Anole is a professional hot runner system maker in china. It is widely used in many filed. Here i want to introduce the application of hot runner system in mould.

Mould with hot runner system can be used in manufacturing various kinds of plastics . Such as,PP, PE, PS , ABS, PBT, PA, PSU, PC, POM, LCP , PVC, PMMA, PEI and so on . Any plastics that can be made in cold hot runner that can be used better in the hot runner system. The size and the weight of the products various from 0.1g--30kg all can use hot runner. So their application is very wide. In the industry field, hot runner system are widely used in fields of electrical, automobile. Medical, daily necessities, toys, packing, architecture and so on. Mould with hot runner system is widely used in countries which the industrial fields are developed, such as America and European. But it appears a problem that the price in this countries are very high and the delivery time is longer them those in Asian countries. Except the delivery time, Asian counties provide very competitive price .

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The advantage and disadvantage of hot runner


Hot runner system is widely used in all kinds of injection mould to produce plastic products, which needs expensive cost and difficult technology.Before the mould company start to produce the mould, they must to study the feasibility of the it. Mould company must have to analyze the plastic products in the condition of the given production and technology.We will analyze the advantage and disadvantage of hot runner system.
Profit analysis is evaluated from decrease the plastic material,increase the production and put the injection machine to good use. As we avoid the waste of the material on main sprue and the runner ,it can reduce the cost of the raw material and avoid the cost to to handle with the waste material. The cost to recycle, smash,dry and store the waste material is saved.
The hot runner system technology can increase the efficiency of the production by decrease the injection cycle time and realize the automation of the hot runner mould.
After adopting the hot runner system technology, it will increase the cost of hot runner system design,manufacturing cost,the cost of the temperature controller and matched transformation cost of the workshop including buying new injection machines,robot arm to pick the plastic parts, supervision equipment and the modification cost for hot runner.

Mould manufacturer or plastic products manufacturer will balance the advantage and disadvantage of hot runner system.

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advantage and disadvantage of hot runner system


Hot runner heating coil and thermocouple


Anole Molding-Tech can provide high quality hot runner heating coil and thermocouple with competitive price.
The heating elements for nozzle is called heating coil. It just need few minutes to heat the nozzles. Every nozzle is an independent heating area with thermocouple near the sprue gates.heating coil is usually designed to be a coil combined with two resistive heater inserted into the stainless pipe and added with magnesium oxide. The front of heating coil is unheated area with the length more than 55mm. On the bottom of heating coil, which is near the sprue gate is installed with thermocouple, with the non-heated area 10-15mm. Normally, hot runner system will use spring shape heating coil because of its highly effective heat transfer system around 25%, but actually it will reach around 20%.
Another Thermocouple is based on the thermo-electric effect to detect the temperature on nozzle. The thermoelectric force produced by thermocouple will change according to the temperature. The thermocouple has niddle shape thermocouple and rectangular thermocouple. For the thermocouple on the manifold, it is between the manifold heater and runner. When the hot runner system do the injection works, the moving parts of molds and the moving of the safe door of the injection machine will extrude the wires and the high temperature plastic material will corrode the thermocouple and make it short out.

If you have any inquiry for hot runner heating coil and thermocouple,please do not hesitate to contact me.




temperature control in hot runner system


Anole is a professional hot runner system make in china . We provide well quality hot runner system with very competitive price. And here i want introduce the very important part of it . That is the plastic temperature control.


Plastic temperature control is the very important part in the application of hot runner mould. many problems which appears in the in production process and the products quality troubles are arising directly from the temperature control system not very well in the hot runner system. such as ,hot needle sprue gate are used in injection molding products the quality of the gate part in the products will be poor, valve type needle valve gate shut difficult problem, parts of multi-cavity mold filling time and quality problems, etc. in this condition we should use the hot runner that including the methods of more regional temperature control system. so that the flexibility and resilience of the system can incleased. the temperature can be well controlled and the quality of the goods can be ensured




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problem of injection products and solution


Anole hot runner system produce high precision, high quality office supplies, food packaging hot runner hot runner products, auto mould of hot flow path and cap hot runner products, at the same time, face with these we can't avoid defects injection product problem . Anole hot runner has a series solution methods to solve these problems.
Warm remind you to pay attention to the following these plastic products are prone to defects.
A, lack of material
the injection pressure is too small
the injection speed is too slow
the cavity venting is not good
the nozzle blocking jam
the injection time is too short
shoot tip leak adhesive

Second, the flash flashes
the injection pressure is too great
the mould clamping imprecise, clamping force is too small
die combining untight seal, die with sundry or template deformation
the mould a defect
Three, bubble plastic raw materials and wet
decomposition of plastic raw materials
the forming temperature is too low

the bad welding
plastic raw materials mixed with impurities
Surrounded by u insert plastic thickness is not enough
mold temperature is too low
water entry position design is not reasonable
damp of plastic raw materials

 Plastic injection product problem are common exist ,we have more solutions.Any necessary welcome to contact me freely.





Hot runner problems and solution-2


Below are hot runner solution for normal problems  for you.

Single nozzle in the nozzle head rupture after [the solution]
The depth of the radius error or too deep
Injection molding machine nozzle disalignment
Injection molding machine nozzle power is too high and too fast

Gate drops, salivate or drawing [the solution]
Hot runner temperature is too high
The gate is too big
The mould in cycle time too warm
The lack of relief
The nozzle head too little contact (gate too hot)
If the CRB or contents gate (direct gate) change for STB or SRX gate (torpedo head)


The nozzle head front-end infarction [the solution]
Mold cooling temperature is too low
Nozzle head contact is too little
Check the gate, convert without inserts

Gate mark too long (ST/CT) [the solution]
The normal STB/STT STX length is about 50% of the gate diameter
Normal CTB/CTT/CTX length is about 100% of the gate diameter
Recommand too short (wear and tear, damage)
The stretched XS is not moved to the central A/L length
Gate processing substandard
Mould processing substandard

Any hot runner problems please contact me freely ,I will provide you best hot runner solution





Hot runner problems and solution-1


Hot runner problem and solution!

Gate gel (solution)
Check the mould and operating temperature
Gate recommand too short (damaged, wear)
The gate is too small
Contact with the mouth range is too big
The stretched XS outward

The nozzle head front hit a mold
Mould processing dimension out of specification
Sprinkle with impurity particles
A large number of melt from the gate overflow and freezing
Injection molding cycle is irregular or too long


After the single nozzle in nozzle congelation [the solution]
Nozzle heater and thermocouple is flawed
Exposure to mold positioning ring or mold nozzle heater
A lack of nozzle heat-insulating ring
Mould locating ring inside diameter is too small (contact too much)

Gate nozzle head burst [the solution]
Nozzle head front end or cone hit a mold

Gate leakage of nozzle head (solution)
Diameter of the damage
Mould processing dimension out of specification
Lack of guide plate damage cause nozzle head diameter

The nozzle did not reach the set temperature (solution)
Thermocouple defective or damaged
Heater or tongue cone hit a mold
Gate seal leakage
Heater is defective or damaged

Any necessary and hot runner problem please contact me freely,I will provide you perfect solution.Thank you!


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